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ComponentFull TitleExplanationRelated Links or SAP Notes
HAN-DBSAP HANA DatabaseGeneric component of HANA, it is best, where possible, to use a more specific sub-component. Should be used for incidents such as high memory/cpu usage, general performance issues of HANA

SAP Note 1514967 - SAP HANA: Central Note

SAP Note 1976729 - Application Component Hierarchy for SAP HANA

HAN-DP-LTRSAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server

Replication via SLT (usually need R3 connection to the SLT system and often the source system also) Main transaction is LTRC on the SLT system.

Data is copied from a source system, to a target HANA database for certain tables that customer chooses, from then on, any changes to those tables in source

system are replication to the target HANA database via the SLT system


SAP KBA 2224639 - System Landscape Transformation (SLT) Troubleshooting Tree Create Configuration

SAP KBA 2224643 - System Landscape Transformation (SLT) Troubleshooting Tree DMIS Install Packages

HAN-DB-HASAP HANA High AvailabilityHigh availability (log shipping, system replication, failover)SAP KBA 2276567 - High Availability Troubleshooting Tree - Multi Node Failover
HAN-DB-BACSAP HANA Backup & RecoveryBackup to disk, backups via backing, and restore issueSAP Note 1642148 - FAQ: SAP HANA Database Backup & Recovery
HAN-SDSSAP HANA smart data streaming(optional) streaming analytics component that can be added to HANA systems 


This page is to explain which components should be chosen for which type of issue. This is not an exhaustive list but it gives some of the most common HANA components and components which are often related to HANA.

HANA Components:



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