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DBA Cockpit

DBA Cockpit for is a tool to monitor and administer SAP HANA in an ABAP environment.

DBA Cockpit can be used to:
  • Monitor and administer local SAP HANA databases. The local system is configured automatically when you start DBA Cockpit for the first time. After you have configured the connection, additional steps may be required to configure the database monitor and to set up database administration.

  • Monitor and administer remote SAP HANA databases. To use the remote monitoring functions, you must first configure the system you want to monitor.

  • Navigate between different actions. You can switch to a different action without closing the previous action while still retaining any data retrieved.

  • Handle central configuration. DBA Cockpit offers functions to manage the database configurations and connections for an entire system landscape.

For more details on DBA Cockpit, please check the links below:

DBA Cockpit authorizations

To work with DBA Cockpit, you need at least the following authorizations:

For a full overview of all authorizations, roles and privileges see Authorizations for Using DBA Cockpit 

SAP Notes for DBA Cockpit

  • 1640741 - FAQ: "DB users for the DBA Cockpit for SAP HANA"
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