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The purpose of this guide is to explain how to optimally tune sql plan cache in HANA in order to help overcome the high number of execution plan evictions and recompiliations


SQL Plan Cache is an area allocated in memory where the execution plans of sql queries are parsed and stored.   If it is undersized in HANA, this can result in Alert 58: Plan Cache Size alerts appearing in the Alerts tab of HANA Studio.

How to Tune SQL Plan Cache

  1. Check that the parameter 'plan_cache_enabled' is set to true in the indexserver ini file
  2. If it is not enabled then use the following command to enable it:
    ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION (‘indexserver.ini’,’system’) SET(‘sql’, ‘plan_cache_enabled’) = ‘True’ WITH RECONFIGURE
  3. Query the view M_SQL_PLAN_CACHE_OVERVIEW to find the current value of PLAN_CACHE_SIZE and PLAN_CACHE_CAPACITY (Note that this view shows lists values for each host in the system landscape)
  4. Observe the PLAN_CACHE_HIT_RATIO value from the view. (Note that it is desirable to have this value over 90% or .9)

  5. Observe the EVICTED_PLAN_COUNT value from the view (Note that a high number of evictions along with a low hit ratio could indicate a potential tuning requirement)
  6. Identify whether your system is an ABAP or Non-ABAP system
    1. If you are using an ABAP System then the following formula is recommended for the optimal plan cache size:

      Number of SQL Connections * 15MB

      You can check # of SQL connection by CONNECTION_ID > 0 AND CREATED_BY = 'Session' in M_CONNECTIONS monitoring view.

b. If you are using a Non-ABAP System, then the following formula is recommended:

    plan_cache_size = 0.90 x (current PLAN_CACHE_CAPACITY)/(current PLAN_CACHE_HIT_RATIO)

c  If you are using both ABAP and Non-ABAP applications then use the formula for the ABAP System

7. To change the value of PLAN_CACHE_SIZE, use the following command:

ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION (‘indexserver.ini’,’system’) SET(‘sql’, ‘plan_cache_size’) = ‘<DESIRED_SIZE_IN_BYTES>’ WITH RECONFIGURE

Points to Note

A. For most of the systems values up to 20 GB are sufficient, but for large ERP systems with a high number of different database requests also values up to 80 GB can be reasonable.

B. The usage of bind variables must be present in the application code, otherwise, the change to the plan_cache_size will have no affect.

C. A restart of HANA database may be required in order for changes to come into affect, alternatively, by resetting the M_SQL_PLAN_CACHE_RESET view, this can reset the values in   

    order to gather correct statistics.


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  1. Hi - I think this doc is outdated.  There are many production HANA customers who are running with SQLPlan Caches greater than 20 Gb.

  2. Can you please help to elaborate a bit more on how you derived the formula for #SQL Connections for ABAP systems?

    ABAP systems use work processes to connect to HANA. So the number of SQL connections would be the total number of work processes on the ABAP system ? But it does not match the result of the formula you have mentioned