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 Display current locks on the system, use if there is a hung transaction (report, query etc.)

Input Parameters


Output Parameters

HOST:              Host name
PORT:              Port number
WAIT_SINCE:        Start time of lock wait situation
WAIT_S:            Seconds since lock wait started
WAIT_CONN_ID:      Connection ID of lock waiter
WAIT_UPD_TRANS_ID: Update transaction ID of lock waiter
HOLD_CONN_ID:      Connection ID of lock holder
HOLD_UPD_TRANS_ID: Update transaction ID of lock holder
SCHEMA:            Schema name of object related to lock wait
OBJECT_NAME:       Object name related to lock wait
RECORD_ID:         ID of record related to lock wait
LOCK_TYPE:         Lock type (e.g. TABLE_LOCK, RECORD_LOCK)
LOCK_MODE:         Lock mode (e.g. EXCLUSIVE)



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