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SQL plan cache historical information. To identify times when large numbers of Plan Cache Evictions occur.

Input Parameters


Output Parameters

SNAPSHOT_TIME:      Time frame
STATEMENT_HASH:     Hash value of SQL statement
PLAN_ID:            SQL plan identifier
HOST:               Host of statement execution ('various' if several hosts executed the command)
TABLE_TYPES:        ROW for row store tables, COLUMN for column store tables
EXECUTIONS:         Number of executions
RECORDS:            Number of records
REC_PER_EXEC:       Number of records per execution (ms)
ELAPSED_MS:         Elapsed time (ms)
ELA_PER_EXEC_MS:    Elapsed time per execution (ms)
NOLOCK_PER_EXEC_MS: Difference between elapsed time and lock wait time per execution (ms)
LOCK_PER_EXEC_MS:   Lock wait time per execution (ms)OPEN_MS:           Open time (ms), often contains the actual data collection
OPEN_PER_EXEC_MS:  Open time per execution (ms)
FETCH_MS:          Fetch time (ms), can sometimes contain times related to the actual data collection (row store, late materialization)
FETCH_MS_PER_EXEC: Fetch time per execution (ms)
LOCK_WAIT_MS:      Lock wait time (ms)
CURSOR_MS:         Cursor execution time (ms), includes network and client activities
CUR_PER_EXEC_MS:   Cursor execution time per execution (ms)




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