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Shows metadata on partitioned tables in the SAP HANA system. You can specify the specific table or schema or whether it is a BW table or not. Per partition we can view the rows, size and which host it resides on.

For more information on table partitioning:

Input Parameters


Output Parameters

SCHEMA_NAME:    Schema name
TABLE_NAME:     Table name
SIZE_DISK_MB:   Size on disk (MB)
PART:           Partition number
PART_TYPE:      Partition type
PART_DETAIL:    Partition detail
SUBPART:        Sub partition number
SUBPART_TYPE:   Sub partition type
SUBPART_DETAIL: Sub partition details
HOST:           Host name
SIZE_MEM_MB:    Size in memory (MB)
NUM_ROWS:       Number of records
PART_RANGE:     Partition range (if partition type is RANGE)

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