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We can use "isql" to test if the odbc driver and DSN has been set correctly. Only when this isql test works, and then the SDA remote source can be set up correctly. 

  1. Install unixODBC
    You have to install the unixODBC in your linux server. For how to install the unixODBC, you could have a reference on the Official website : 

  2. Install remote database odbc driver. This process varies by different databases' driver. 

  3. configure odbc.ini file  
    <hostname>/etc/unixODBC # odbcinst -j
    unixODBC 2.3.1
    DRIVERS............: /etc/unixODBC/odbcinst.ini
    SYSTEM DATA SOURCES: /etc/unixODBC/odbc.ini
    FILE DATA SOURCES..: /etc/unixODBC/ODBCDataSources
    USER DATA SOURCES..: /root/.odbc.ini
    SQLULEN Size.......: 8
    SQLLEN Size........: 8

    We need to configure the DSN in the <SYSTEM DATA SOURCES> /etc/unixODBC/odbc.ini (This path maybe different). 

    The DSN(Data Source Name) creation varies by driver, let's take HANA as an example: 
    servernode = <client_ip_address>:<sql_port>
    #location of the unixODBC driver
    driver = /usr/sap/<sid>/HDB<instance_number>/exe/
    description = <optional_description>
    databasename = <your_database_alias>


  4. Test with isql and see if the ISQL can access your remote database. After the ISQL works, then we can set the SDA from HANA to the remote database. 
    We can use the following command to test: 
    "isql -v <DATABASE_NAME> <user> <password>"

  5. For HANA example, we can check the following KBA. 
    2685023 - How to connect HANA using Linux ODBC


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