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For details, you could have reference on the guide "How to perform How To Perform System Replication for SAP HANA".

Using HANA studio 

  1. Perform backup on primary
  2. Primary Host: Enable system replication


  3. Stop secondary DB 
  4. Secondary : Register secondary system





Using command line tool hdbnsutil: 
  1. Primary : 

    hdbsql BACKUP DATA USING FILE ('<path><prefix>')

  2. Primary:

    hdbnsutil -sr_enable --name=SITEA

  3. Secondary: 

    sapcontrol –nr <instance_number> -function StopSystem HDB
    hdbnsutil -sr_register 
    --remoteHost=<primary hostname>
    --remoteInstance=<instance number>

  4. Secondary: 

    sapcontrol –nr <instance_number> -function StartSystem HDB


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