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This page is to provide you with resources to refer to for analyzing out of memory (OOM) dumps.

The KBA 1984422   - SAP HANA: Analysis of Out-of-memory (OOM) Dumps, gives you symptom, cause, and resolution for OOM dumps. In the resolution session of the KBA, it provides useful instructions on how to troubleshoot the OOM dump. The tool hdbcons provides expert functionality to analyze memory issues. For more information see SAP note 1786918  - Required information to investigate high memory consumption

As a side note, by default OOM dump is written once in 24 hours. What that means is if multiple OOM errors happen only the first occurrence of the OOM error will generate an OOM dump, and the rest will be recorded in the service trace.  If you need multiple OOM dump for analysis, you may modify the parameter oom_dump_time_delta (seconds) by running the alter system alter configuration command. The following command will set the interval to 10 minutes.

-          ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('global.ini', 'SYSTEM') SET ('memorymanager', 'oom_dump_time_delta') = '600' with reconfigure;

To deactivate:

-          ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('global.ini', 'SYSTEM') UNSET ('memorymanager', 'oom_dump_time_delta') with reconfigure;

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