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This purpose for this page is help with resolving SLT related queries.

How To Create A Configuration


DMIS Version


How To Improve LOAD 

Improve Initial Load by Row ID

How to Load INDX tables into HANA using SLT (STXL & PCL2)

How to replicate VIEWS with SAP LT Replication Server

How to load data from archives into HANA DB

How to reduce latency of table

Real Time Data Replication to BW Using SLT From SAP Source System (ODP Scenario)

Realtime Replication with SLT into Data Store Objects in SAP BW 7.4

Source tables have little activity or changes on them but their are frequent calls to the source system:

 If SLT is using real-time replication then it is continuously checking the logging tables for new records.  There are 2 ways the customer can reduce number of calls to the source:

Change from real-time replication to Interval.  This setting can be found in the LTR settings, where customer can specify in minutes, hours, day, the frequency to check the logging tables.  Perhaps once per minute is enough.  Only issue with this is latency will increase, having up to a minute of latency in the time the record appears in Hana target.

Change the logging table check behavior.  In LTRC-> Utilities-> Specify Option for Logging Tables, there are 2 options.  The alternate option of “Only Process Logging Tables with Records” will avoid querying the logging tables when they are empty.  This could be a good option as the customer’s configuration have very little activity as there is no need to continuously poll  the empty logging tables

Error Logs

  1. Log into SLT system
  2. Go into transaction LTRC
  3. Enter in your MT_ID click Execute
  4. Click on the Application Log Tab
  5. Filter on MT_ID & Table Name for error’s

Check both of these location on the Source & SLT system

  1. Check SM21 logs
  2. Check ST22 logs
  3. Check WP logs in SM50

Validate Record Counts 

Source R/3 System

  1. Log into R/3 system
  2. Go to Transaction SE16
  3. Put in table name and click execute
  4. Click on Number of Entries

HANA System

  1. Log into HANA Studio
  2. Navigate to the Table in HANA
  3. Right click on table and click Open Definition
  4. Click on the Runtime Information
  5. In the General section | Number of Entries

If you see any differences between the two systems just make sure there are no records in the logging table for the table in question. 

Cross Database Comparison

There are also alternative ways to check and compare data sources on the:

1. SAP Help portal: Cross-Database Comparison

2. SCN wiki: Cross Database Comparison

Structure Changes

Please review section 5 of the SLT Operation Guide

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