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SAP HANA partners are entitled under the terms of their agreement to redistribute SAP HANA Client Interface libraries with their application, as described in the SAP Software Usage Rights (SUR). The SUR links to this page for details on which files can be redistributed.

Your rights and responsibilities are governed by your agreement with SAP. As an SAP HANA partner your agreement is governed by the SAP Software Usage Rights (SUR). This Note is referenced in the SUR and provides supplementary information for HANA Client Interface redistribution rights.


In the listing below, the following conventions apply

  • The files are taken from an installation of the SAP HANA Client under the terms of the SAP Software Usage Rights.
  • If you have access only to the SAP HANA Client from public repositories or other locations (eg where the SAP HANA Client libraries are provided under the SAP Developer License, you do not have rights to redistribute any files.
  • References to the root directory or to subdirectories are relative to the SAP HANA Client installation directory.
  • The default HANA Client installation directory is C:\Program Files\SAP\hdbclient on Microsoft Windows, and /usr/sap/hdbclient on other platforms.

Redistribution must be carried out so as not to collide with other installations of HANA Client files on the end user's machine, so as to avoid potential version conflicts. In particular, you must not install files under the default SAP HANA Client installation directory. Other instructions to avoid collisions and version conflicts are provided below.

Installation of interface libraries on the end user's machine often requires a two step process:

  1. Place the files in the end user's file system.
  2. Register the driver with the system (e.g. register the ODBC driver with the ODBC Administrator) or install the driver into a suitable environment (e.g. a python virtual environment), depending on the interface

The second step should be carried out using standard procedures for the relevant interface. 

File lists and instructions

If your agreement with SAP is covered by the SUR, you have permission to redistribute the following files, listed by interface.


  • The ODBC driver: libodbcHDB.dll/so from the root directory.
  • The ODBC registration utilities: odbcreg.exe and odbcreg32.exe.
  • The ODBC tracing utility: hdbodbc_cons.exe.
  • The ODBC help files (.chm extension)

The registration utilities permit registration of the ODBC driver with a specified name. When redistributing the ODBC driver you must register it under a distinct name, rather than the default name (HDBODBC) to avoid potential collisions with other installations of the driver on the end user's machine.


  • The JDBC driver: ngdbc.jar from the root directory


  • All files from the golang subdirectory tree.
  • The network interface library: libdbcapiHDB.dll (Microsoft Windows) or (Linux) from the root directory.


  • (Microsoft Windows) or hdbcli-N.N.NNN.tar.gz (Linux) from the root directory

The driver can be installed into a python environment on the end user's machine using the pip utility (not supplied).


  • All files from the node subdirectory tree.

The driver can be installed into a node.js environment on the end user's machine using the npm utility (not supplied).


  • The hanaclient gem from the ruby subdirectory
  • The activerecord gem from the ruby subdirectory

The driver can be installed into a ruby environment on the end user's machine using the gem utility (not supplied).


  • All files from subdirectory tree with the following exclusions

    • The policy DLL (with a name that starts with policy)
    • The config file (with .config extension)
    • The HANA Explorer for Microsoft Visual Studio (HANAExplorer.vsix)

The SetupNet executables are provided for installation on the end user's machine. Provide a configuration file that uses a distinct name to avoid collisions.

Other files

  • You are permitted to redistribute the hdbsql command-line utility.

  • You do not have permission to redistribute other files in the SAP HANA Client install. The list of non-redistributable files includes but is not limited to the following:
    • The hdbuserstore utility.
    • Files in the install subdirectory tree.
    • The ODBO driver.
    • Encryption software including the SAP Common Cryptography Library, the hdbkeystore utility. and the sapgenpse utility.

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