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The Purpose of this page is to provide Support related information on SAP HANA Cloud Product.

HANA Cloud Documentation

Central location for all SAP HANA Cloud Documentation:

SAP HANA Cloud, SAP HANA Database

SAP HANA Cloud Administration guide:

SAP HANA Cloud, SAP HANA Database

Common Questions

  • How to upsize or downsize HANA Cloud Instance? See the KBA 3253081 - How to: change the size of HANA Cloud instance
  • You would like to know if a particular feature is supported in SAP HANA Cloud, like MDX, Dynamic Tiering, etc? See the KBA 3218485 - Unsupported feature list in SAP HANA Cloud
  • You see Notable Behaviour Differences on SAP HANA Cloud compared to HANA on-premise and you would like to know if this is standard expected behaviour? See the KBA 3240805 - HANA Cloud: Notable Behavior Differences
  • You would like further information on how to manage users in SAP HANA Cloud? See KBA 3232232 - How-To: manage users in SAP HANA Cloud?
  • How can I create and analyse a Plan Viz trace in SAP HANA Cloud? See the note 3006720 - How-to Create & Export PlanViz in SAP HANA Database Explorer
  • You would like to know how to create a HANA performance trace in SAP HANA Cloud environment? See the KBA 3004228 - Performance Trace in Database Explorer for SAP HANA Cloud

Issues and Reported Problems

  • SAP HANA Cloud connections to on-premise systems using Cloud Connector timing out. See SAP Note 3059640 - Connection from HANA Cloud to on-premise via Cloud Connector not working - connection timed out
  • Secondary Database connection to HANA Cloud system failed with error ‘Connection failed (RTE:[200110] Invalid connect reply (server may not be SAP HANA)’. See the KBA 3234150 - Secondary Database Connection to HANA Cloud Failed with Error Invalid connect reply (server may not be SAP HANA)
  • The HDB CPU Usage alert is raised on your SAP HANA Cloud database instance, how can the cause of the alert be analysed? See the SAP Note 3123732 - Analyze Reason for Alert HDB CPU Usage

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