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How to Trouble Shoot A FailedStatisticserver migration


This page is to explain troubleshooting steps for various issues which you may encounter with the statistics server on SAP HANA


There are two versions of the statistics server. One exists as a standalone process, visible in the HANA studio. The other, possible after revision 74 of SAP HANA, is the embedded statistics server.

Standalone Statistics Server

This is the original statistics service which is still delivered as active with HANA SPS7, SPS8 and SPS9. You must manually migrate to the new embedded statistics service.

The embedded statistics service is only available from revision 74 onwards.

Embedded Statistics Service

This version consumes less memory than the older, standalone statistics server process. It is available from revision 74 onwards. See the documents and notes below for guidance on migrating from the standalone statistics service to the embedded statistics service.



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How to Trouble Shoot A FailedStatisticserver migration Failed



See section titled "The Statistics Service" of the SAP HANA Administration Guide

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