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SAP HANA and In-Memory Computing 

Welcome to the SAP HANA and In-Memory Computing Troubleshooting Wiki Space. 

This Wiki Space will include information needed for analysis of issues on SAP HANA. This is different from the survival guide section as it will include more details on features and give tips on how to analyse and resolve issues which can occur, but would cause the system to be unavailable for end users. We will continue updating and maintaining this wiki space.

*** If you have any questions or comments.   Please reach out to the Wiki Moderators Paul Power,Des Gallagher, Klaus Liu, Jimmy Yang

Disclaimer: Content Accuracy is assured as much as possible. Viewer discretion is advised.

Memory analysis
HANA Modelling topics
Statistics Service
SAP LT Replication Server
DBA Cockpit
Multitenant Data Base
SSO setup and configuration

SAML SSO for Analysis for Office to HANA

SAML SSO for BI Platform to HANA

SAP KBA 2284620 - HOW-TO HANA DB SSO SAML and BI Platform 4.1 / Analysis for Office 2.2

SAML SSO with HANA (Guided Answer)

Traces for SSO Troubleshooting (Guided Answer)

HANA SSO Trace File Analysis (Guided Answer)

Analytical Privileges
BW on HANA Documentation and Troubleshooting
Smart Data Streaming
Smart Data Access
Traces and Queries


SQL Query Collection

KBA 1969700 - SQL Statement Collection for SAP HANA

KBA 2699939 - SAP HANA Emergency Suitcase

Full System Info Dump - OS Level (Guided Answer)

Full System Info Dump - DBACOCKPIT (Guided Answer)

Full System Info Dump - HANA Studio (Guided Answer)

Generate runtime dump (Guided Answer)

KBA 2400007 - FAQ: SAP HANA Runtime Dumps

KBA 2498739 - How-To: Analyzing Runtime Dumps with SAP HANA Dump Analyzer

SAP HANA Table Distribution and Partitioning




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1 Comment

  1. Currently I have the situation that I would like to administer my HANA Cockpit SYSTEM DB (SYSTEMDB@H4C) with my personal user and not SYSTEM.

    For "regular" other databases I have found the list of needed Authorizations at SAP Help Portal - Authorizations Needed for Monitoring and Administration (version 2.0 SP 10) but when I apply these authorizations to my personal user in the SYSTEMDB@H4C I still get auth errors.

    Is there any reference role or list of authorizations which is needed as non-SYSTEM user to be able to manage the SYSTEMDB@H4C with my personal user?