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There was a whole lot of disruption in the SAP HCM consulting marketplace inside the past couple years. whilst SAP acquired SuccessFactors and made it the focal point for skills management capabilities, every SAP representative operating in that region all at once have become very interested in getting retrained. There has usually been charge competition, corporations have emerged, split, combined and disappeared. Partnerships have come and long gone – but the right ones survived. unbiased specialists have flourished for the reason that early days of the SAP HCM product, though it hasn’t usually been a strong preference for some.
I’ve been consulting given that 1996, and feature labored with SAP HCM since 1993. I’m an antique-timer, although I recognize some older-timers. And at the same time as corporations and consultants have come and long past, the successful ones seem to have enduring qualities: integrity and price. I’ll communicate approximately value first.
experts who accept as true with they provide configuration capabilities, programming understanding, or particular abilties around a website of SAP HCM Training are missing a genuinely big point. And clients who believe those are the capabilities they may be contracting for also miss the point. the products without a doubt proper experts deliver aren’t best approximately the technical competencies they have – this is truely the tool they use to deliver the product. The product is ‘cost’ – and the client defines and measures that price.
while a consultant comes on to a challenge, it’s commonly for a specific motive: remedy some issues! value is created when we solve the problems in a manner that satisfies the customer. And the problems are most usually larger than ‘configure the device’. It usually consists of information the business, its necessities and way of life and quirks, working with humans to come to agreement on what to do and how to do it, trying out the very last device, alternate management, assist, creativity and teamwork. The simply good experts do all that further to configuration and programming. Technical capabilities are a important part in all that, but they're greater of an enabler and no longer the product itself.
however even supposing a representative delivers price, it needs to be finished with integrity: the first-rate of being honest and having robust moral ideas. I’ve lost rely of ways typically I’ve discovered consultant resumes claiming experience they don’t have, running at customers they’ve in no way visible. I’ve visible experts declare to write down articles and presentations that, in reality, had been my authentic work. Or those who stonewall and cover up when they don’t recognize how to do something (hint: none of us knows it all). cheating on billable time and expenses – sure, I’ve visible that too. pronouncing that it’s adequate as long as you’re now not stuck, doesn’t make it right. In truth, not anything makes it proper.
a variety of this loss of integrity comes from two forces that have always been present inside the SAP HCM consulting market: what I’ll call ‘body-keep’ companies and the entice of having some thing-for-nothing. body-stores are the ‘consulting’ firms focusing on amassing resumes for open consulting positions, staffing them and taking a massive margin at the consulting fee. everybody in the enterprise knows the sport – put up your resume with all an appropriate search-phrases and the only with the lowest fee wins the location. So then the incentives are all running towards the patron – the ‘consulting’ company maximizes their margin and the representative stretches their qualifications to get the paintings. clients typically emerge as deciding to buy greater than they get hold of. This model still reveals lots of takers due to the fact people like the concept of having something for nothing: a properly-qualified representative at a low fee. humans like to get a bargain, however extra regularly than not this seems to be a low-value, bad deal for customers.
value and integrity – developments for experts to pursue so that it will result in a a hit career regardless of the generation disruption, and two traits for clients to look for in specialists who can assist them achieve success.

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