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This is an SAP Cloud Platform Web application that exemplifies how a Fiori based app utilizing the Ariba services could be created based on the Fiori Master Detail design principle.

The app relies on two soap based web services, one which provides the catalog of items and one which is used to submit the requisition. Each item from the catalog can be selected and then added to your cart which is accessible at the top right. Because the app relies on web services as opposed to odata services, the Fiori Master Detail template provided by Web IDE cannot be used. The corresponding tutorial walks the user through hand creating a master detail template as well as a full screen view contained within the same application.


SAP Cloud Platform






Oct 6, 2017




Solution Overview




  • SAP Cloud Platform Account

  • Access to an Ariba system

  • Destinations configured for connecting to the Ariba API.



  • In Web IDE Clone the Git repository by choosing the menu option File -> Git -> Clone Repository.

  • Provide the Git repository URL and then choose Clone.

  • Right click on the project and choose Deploy -> Deploy to SAP Cloud Platform







Follow this video to learn how to create a cloud app from scratch and connect to an Ariba system.




  • Jamie Cawley
  • Lisa Haag




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