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By Rui Nogueira. July 15, 2014

When thinking about the SAP HANA Cloud Platform there are some things you'd not immediately connect to it. One is certainly a Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi is a low-cost credit-card-size computer with an ARM-processor that has a huge community and since today more than . It costs around 35 Euro and runs on special Linux versions like e.g. Raspian (adapted Debian Linux). Produced for the first time in 2012, by the end of 2013 already more than 2 million devices were sold!

Along with one HDMI, one Ethernet, and two USB ports the RaspberryPi has also digital input pins. Meanwhile there is even a new revision B+ available providing 4 USB ports and some more improvements. Meaning you can connect digital sensors to it or, via an analog-to-digital convert, or analog sensors. With the low price and these connectivity features it's the ideal candidate to run internet-of-things scenarios on it.

That's the reason why I thought: why not letting the Raspberry Pi send sensor data to an account on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform? And that's why I've setup this blog post series around this topic.

Over a series of weeks and months I created this blog series so that you can see you to use your Raspberry Pi for internet-of-things scenarios.

And maybe you get inspired and think of other scenarios where you need sensor data in your SAP HANA Cloud Platform account to bring the internet-of-things into the products and services of your company.

Check out the series and enjoy!


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  1. Hello, 

    the attached files of Part 2: are no longer available. Can you please add the missing source code of the 

    Thanks a lot! 


    1. Thanks so much for the heads-up Michael – I'm reaching to Rui on this. Stay tuned and sorry for the inconvenience,


  2. Hello Moya / Rui,

    Could you please provide the two class file mentioned in Michael's comment. I am not able to proceed with this example without these files.

    Would appreciate your quick reply.


    Mahesh Z

    1. Thanks Mahesh and Michael for your interest. Unfortunately Rui is out at the moment but we're working on it internally. Appreciate your patience.

      1. Former Member

        HI Moya,


        Can you plese help me with the 2 classes mentioned above (SensorServlet and DataHelper)? Even, if possible, a copy of the zip file that was originally attached to the project, since the RPi file and other are included there and at this point I need them to continue implementing this case



        1. I understand!  I appreciate that you, Rubelio, Mahesh, and Michael, are working on this and awaiting the code. It's great that you're using IoT Services and Rui's Fish Import/Export is a great way to get started.

          We apologize that losing the class files was a ramification of migrating the SAP Community. Rui is temporarily out but he's aware of it and will look into this just as soon as he can.  Please stay tuned!

          all the best,


  3. Hi all - we've restored – please check it out embedded in the blog:

    If there are still other missing files we have to wait for Rui – but hopefully this helps get further?