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What's New content is now published on SAP Help Portal for the following: 


Cloud Foundry Environment

Version 16.18.0

Cloud Portal Service

Optimized Site Loading


Extending SAP SuccessFactors

HTML5 Applications

Mulitenancy of the HTML5 Application Repository

Java Server

Tomcat Version for Java Web Tomcat 8

Launchpad Service

Optimized Site Loading

OAuth 2.0 Service

Using JWT Tokens as Access Tokens


Additional NAT and Load Balancher IPs Added to AWS Landscapes

SAP HANA Service

Enabling SAP ID Integration

SAP Private Link

New Binding Tags in the VCAP_SERVICES Environment Variable

SAP Work Zone

Optimized Site Loading


SAPUI5 Distribution 1.92.2

 What's New.

The deprecated elements or versions aren't supported any more. Please take the appropriate actions to resolve the deprecation. See List of Deprecated Elements or Versions.

How to Get Notifications

This page is used for a subscription to email notifications when What's New content is released. To receive such notifications, please log on to this page and subscribe by choosing the Watch icon. When we publish a new version of What's New on SAP Help Portal, this SAP Community page is updated with the list of the new released components. Consequently, this update triggers a new email notification.






  1. How can I subscribe to the new release notes on the Help Portal?

    1. Hi Wolfgang – thanks for that great question. We're looking into it behind the scenes.



  2. Hi.  we use to get notifications and that provides a link back.

  3. Do I get also announcements about the planned features of an upcoming update there, as I got here?

    1. Sort of.  i got to this page via the announcement of the successful upgrade last night, but i also get notifications on planned updates, outages and other information too.


      below is the details i got ahead of the scheduled upgrade last night.  no details of what is coming though.



      An upgrade to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform is planned according to the following schedule:

      No service interruption is expected as a result of this upgrade.

      SAP HANA Cloud Platform Operations



      1. Thanks Barry – yeah that is a workaround, of sorts, to get notified of upcoming changes.

        The correct link now to release notes though is as above – – so i will also follow up on getting that link changed in the emails that go out from the listserv (thanks for the heads-up).

        And we've opened a request to see if there's a way to 'subscribe' to pages on the help portal for notifications.



  4. Hello Maksimiliana Lazarova,

    does this change today mean that this page will not be updated anymore? If this page isn't updated where can I get a push notification about the latest changes?

    Best regards

    1. Hi Gregor,

      We were just doing some maintenance to make sure all links on the page are up-to-date. We will continue to update the page when new release notes are available.

      Best regards,


      1. Hi Maksimiliana,

        that are great news. Thank you for the update.

        Best regards