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SAP Entitlement Management provides a central entitlement repository with which you can manage and track the entire life cycle of the entitlements including entitlement generation, operation, and consumption.

SAP Entitlement Management gives you the ability to manage all customer entitled offerings, including M&A business or new business models. There are three key terms to understand before working with the SAP Entitlement Management: entitlemententitlement model, and attributes.

This WIKI page would list the general frequently asked questions with answers, to help customers better understand the application and improve the user experience.


Q1. How to get application/integration/admin help document?


Q2. Why mapping configuration has not been used when creating or updating entitlement?

A2: Mapping is only used for entitlement generation interface. Entitlement creation and entitlement update interface will not use mapping.


Q3. How many entitlement attributes could I config?

A3. You can define as many attributes for each data type as you want. However, if the attributes are assigned to an entitlement model, there is an upper limit on the number of attributes you can define per data type:

  • String: 200 attributes (includes lists and tables)
  • Number: 100 attributes (includes integers and decimals)
  • Date: 30 attributes
  • Boolean: 30 attributes


Q4. How many consumption fields could I config?

A4. There is an upper limit on the number of consumption fields can be defined per data type:

  • String: 200 consumption fields
  • Number: 50 consumption fields
  • Date: 30 consumption fields
  • Boolean: 30 consumption fields


Q5. What is you recommend way to distinguish business process?

A5. Business event.

  1. Config business event value list in configuration cockpit tile.
  2. This field will be carried generation interface to entitlement change history.


Q6. How to send outbound messages to target systems?

A6. a.Config destination in your SCP subaccount cockpit. In version 201811 EMS only support basic authorization grant type in destination configuration.

       b. Config communication channel in EMS communication channel tile.


Q7. Do we need to add all the custom attributes to the interface lists? If so is there a roadmap item for it to be done automatically?

A7. This depends on the value source of entitlement attributes.

If you want all the custom attributes value come from upstream system (Order system), you need to add them into entitlement generation interface and mapping them at mapping function. The automapping is not in roadmap yet.

Only several predefined attributes are mapped automatically like customer, offering id.

But in some cases, attribute value came from downstream system like entitlement activation date, then these attributes should be updated by entitlement update interface. Or there are several attributes you just want to maintain manually.


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