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SAP's SuccessFactors Human Capital Management(HCM) suite consists of core HR modules like global employee benefits, payroll, time off and record keeping; employee engagement tools like social media and collaboration: talent management modules like compensation management, recruiting, learning, onboarding, employee performance management, workforce planning, succession management and workforce analytics.


Internal Flavours of SAP SuccessFactors HCM:


As an integral part of its talent management tool, The SAP Successfactors HCM band provides virtual instruction from the cloud that can be accessed via any standard web browser, training content development, content as a service, that is facilitated in the cloud for organizations to keep a record of the learning content they enhance. This would be advantageous to the organizations that require to keep both business partners and employees updated on new product updates, compliance requirements and regulations. SAP Jam mobile communications product is used by SuccessFactors to make cross company employee project collaboration SuccessFactors via mobile devices, this also helps the employees of the company to locate the problem solving experts in the circle, and experts can also create and share the training videos that can be streamlined to the mobile devices of the employees.

Operational Efficiency:


In the region of Analytics, Workforce Planning module of SuccessFactors HCM suite allows HR managers to create what-if employee development and recruitment strategies. With Workforce Planning module, HR and other principal managers can figure out the financial costs and operational costs involved in shaping current employees and the upcoming new employees to meet the future skills requirement of the company. For companies, small and medium sized with less than 500 employees that is looking for variable compensation adoption, SAP Successfactors provide a Perform and Reward compensation  module. This solution also offers organizational charts with team structures and reporting lines, performance management and goals that streamline employee contributions with company objectives, and incentive structures that are connected to the employee behavior. With no complications, this package’s setup prodigy helps the small organizations with the methodologies of creating a variable compensation system.

SAP SuccessFactors HCM SaaS:


HCM suite provides cloud-only Software-as-a-Service solution to its users. Users have an option to choose the tool as per their wish. They can go for a monthly subscription depending on the  number of employees using that tool, or on the number of system modules used or on the amount of time spent.

SAP SuccessFactors Human capital Management suite can be directly purchased by SAP or its business partners. There are many options available in this package that can be customized as per the clients needs and preferences. With this suite, HR team of the company can manage all the complete HR processes and deliver faster, smarter and reliable services to its stakeholders. Top management can scale the workforce-related measures and track on key performance indicators.

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