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Many shared-memory parallel packages do no longer scale beyond some tens of cores.however, may additionally benefit from big amounts of memory:


  • In-memory databases
  • Datamining
  • VM
  • Clinical Applications


Furthermore, reminiscence in the nodes of modern clusters are regularly Overscaled that allows you to healthy the necessities of “any” utility and remains unused most of the time. one of the objective we strive to reap with undertaking Hecatonchire is to unharness your memory-limited software by way of the use of the reminiscence in the relaxation of nodes.on this submit we show how Hecatonchire enables customers to have memory that grows with their enterprise or applications, now not earlier than. while the use of high-volume additives to construct high-price structures and removing physical challenge of Cloud / Datacenter or servers.

The utility : SAP HANA
HANA DB takes benefit of the low cost of most important memory (RAM), information processing skills of multi-center processors and the short information get right of entry to of solid-country drives relative to conventional difficult drives to supply better performance of analytical and transactional programs. It gives a multi-engine query processing environment which permits it to assist each relational facts (with both row- and column-oriented physical representations in a hybrid engine) in addition to graph and text processing for semi- and unstructured statistics control within the equal device. SAP HANA Training DB is a hundred% ACID compliant.

The Benchmark, hardware and methodology

software: SAP HANA ( In reminiscence Database)
Workload: OLAP ( TPC-H version)
statistics size 
For Mall and Medium example: ~600 GB uncompressed ( ~30 GB compressed in RAM)
For huge: 300 GB compressed statistics ( 2 TB of uncompressed facts) 
18 extraordinary Queries (TPC-H variant)
15 iteration of each question set
digital system:
Small size: sixty four GB Ram - 32 vCPU
Medium length: 128 GB RAM – forty vCPU 
big size: 1 TB RAM 40 vCPU
Hypervisor: KVM

Server with Intel Xeon West Mere
four socket
1 TB or 512 GB RAM
Infiniband QDR 40Gbps switch + Mellanox ConnectX2

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