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1  Overview

This configuration guide provides some information and hints when setting up a survey for different scenarios. Regarding IT Service Management a common use case for the survey can be found within the Service Catalog scenario. When ordering a service or service package the survey can be used for asking specific and standardized questions to provide the service. 

2  Prerequisites

2.1 Activate Services

Before you start the configuration, make sure that the service for the survey suite is activated.

Start transaction SICF and choose execute without changing any settings.


Check the following paths. If the service is not yet activated, activate it via right click.





Check also, that the following services are activated.


2.2 Maintain Parameter

Regarding SAP note 627144 - Conducting Web Surveys the parameter CRM_SVY_BSP_SYSTEMPARAM needs to be maintained inside transaction CRM_SURVEY_SUITE.

Please use Go to button in the menu bar to access the survey repository.



The default entry needs to be changed. Therefore, select the Export button and save the file.


Open the file with an editor and change the link.

AccessURL="http://<Servername>:<Port>/sap/bc/bsp/sap/crm_bsp_svyserv/Sur vey.htm"
Action=http://<Servername>:<Port>/sap/bc/bsp/sap/crm_bsp_svyserv/Survey .htm?sap-client=<Client>

Import the file.




If a BSP occur, see trouble shooting beneath.

3  Customizing Settings

3.1 Create Survey

The customizing entry for the surveys can be found within the Solution Manager setup via transaction SOLMAN_SETUP or within the implementation guide via transaction SPRO.

Inside the SOLMAN_SETUP step 2.11 is handling the survey forms. The link is leading to the search of survey. So first of all you can check if a questionnaire regarding your needs is already available.


Afterwards use transaction SPRO and follow the path:

SAP Solution Manager → Capabilities → IT Service Management → Customer Surveys


A survey can also be created with the help of the CRM WebUI.

Therefore, please open the web ui with SM_CRM. You can use the standard business role SOLMANPRO.

Use the Service Operations work center. On the right site – the create area – a survey can be created.

Enter a valid ID and the needed application. For the Service Catalog example the Service application would be the right one.


Afterwards enter a description and choose the default style sheet.


It is also possible to give a validity date.


Afterwards, create your survey according to your needs.

For the new employee example, the survey could looks like the following screenshot.


Do not forget to activate the survey after you are finished.


After the activation it is possible to assign the survey e.g. to the service package for the service catalog.

If you need the URL e.g. for adding the survey inside an e-mail, please also check activity

Define URL Parameters for Customer Surveys in the SPRO path.






3.2 Create Mail form

If you want to use the functionality for sending surveys as a feedback for the service, a mail form needs to be created. Enter the web ui with SM_CRM.

It is possible to create a mail form within the Service Operation work center.

Enter an ID, a description and choose the context Service Request Attributes.



Create the mail form according to your needs. Enter the survey with a dynamic attribute. Choose the category Additional Attributes.




3.3 Create/ Check action

The standard delivered action regarding the survey is called SMIN_STD_SEND_SURVEY. As no changes should be made on standard transactions, find this action in your custom own action profile. Check if the action is activated via transaction CRMC_ACTION_DEF.


Delete the flag in the inactive column. Double click on the action and select Processing Types on the left side. Choose the edit mode.


Enter the mail form ID – the one created in step 3.2 – , the survey template ID and enter also a default e-mail sender.



Save the settings.

Now the action needs to be scheduled. Choose transaction SPPFCADM or SPPFDETCRM and select your profile. Check that the action is scheduled inside your action profile.

When the action was executed successfully, check transaction SOST.

You can display the e-mail and check the survey link.




 4  Troubleshooting



If this short dump occur, check the following note:


The following cases may result in the creation of the RFC_VMC_COMMUNICATION_ERROR short dump:

1. The VMC is not activated on the instance.
Activate the VMC as described in SAP Note 854170.

2. The VMC is activated, but cannot be started. The status in transaction SM52 is "VMC is not active".
Check the dev_disp file in the work directory of the instance for errors that affect the VMC. Important information may also be contained in the stderr* files.

3. The VMC is activated but the virtual machines (VMs) cannot be started. The VMC is deactivated automatically.
Check the dev_w* trace files for error messages that affect the VMs.

4. The VMC was deactivated (manually) (see SM52).
Reactivate the VMC in transaction SM52.

5. A VM is no longer available to execute the Java module. Either VMs are no longer being released or you did not configure enough VMs for the parallel requests that arise.
By default, the number of VMs corresponds to the number of work processes on the instance. You can use the profile parameter
rdisp/max_jvm = REM=<number>
to set this number (you can leave out the WEB=DEFAULT part where DEFAULT=0).
As of patch level 61 (VMC patch collection 16), you can set a maximum wait time for which the work process waits for a free VM. This allows you to avoid terminations during load peaks. You can use the profile parameter:
to set the wait time to seconds. The default value is 30. However, if these wait times occur frequently, you will notice poorer VMC performance.

You will have to activate the VMC according to note 854170.

Go to transaction RZ10 and check parameter vmcj/enable.


If you have to activate the VMC, you will have to restart the server.  

4.2 Dump while creating survey

When you are trying to create a survey and this dump occur:


Check note 1653734 - Cannot create surveys in CRM Survey Suite and WebUI.

According to the note, execute the following steps.

  1. Execute transaction SE80
  2. Select Repository Browser
  3. Choose Class/Interface and enter CL_SURVEY_CATSERVER
  4. Expand methods and double click on SET_CATSERVER_ABAP
  5. Press F8
  6. Execute the method SET_CATSERVER_ABAP by clicking on the icon
  7. Press F8 again


 4.3 Missing XML parameter 

 You have activated and scheduled the survey e-mail action. When you are trying to send the mail form, the action will switch to red and incorrect. The error text says:


Go back to the SPRO path Define URL Parameters for Customer Surveys and make sure, that your entries are correctly maintained for internal and external users.

As an example:



4.4 No survey hyperlink in mail form


If this error occur, please check, that you have inserted the attribute for the survey in the mail form.




4.5 BSP <bsp:bee>:(BEE XML) BSP extension <:*> is unknown


If this BSP occur the following note will help:

1842704 - Error: <bsp:bee>: (BEE XML) BSP extension <:*> is unknown



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  1. Hi,

    first of all, this is a great Wiki!

    Nevertheless, I have noticed that I get a BSP error when I create an URL for the survey because of the following (not existing) service:


    Because I did not find the service "crm_bsp_svyserv" in the SICF, i changed it with the following parameter "crm_svy_server" and it works.

    Best greetings!

  2. Former Member


    I have problem with section 2.2. When survey email is sent, there is only path to the actual survey and server information is missing from the link. I copied the information as the example showed. If I copy the server information to the beginning of the link. Then I get message that survey is not available. I have checked, that survey is active and services are running.

    AccessURL="http://<Servername>:<Port>/sap/bc/bsp/sap/crm_bsp_svyserv/Sur vey.htm"
    Action=http://<Servername>:<Port>/sap/bc/bsp/sap/crm_bsp_svyserv/Survey .htm?sap-client=<Client>

    Is it possible for you to upload entire example of the file CRM_SVY_BSP_SYSTEMPARAM as now parts are missing from the screenshot, thank you.

    I'm working with SM 7.2 SP5. 

    Br, Janne

    edit: link that survey sends is http://&sr=00155d0a972d1ed79af3eeeb4400e0d3/