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This is the SAP NetWeaver MDM FAQ section. Below you'll find questions and answers about various MDM topics. Feel free to add your questions - and if you already know the answers, add them, too, of course. (smile)
To ease up your life make sure that you follow the guidelines for adding new questions. Use a smart and short question. Your question shall tackle a single issue only. You can always post additional questions. Ensure that your question uses the Heading 3 as format which automatically adds your question to the list below. Add a Back to top link by using the anchor #top after your answer.



What are the basics I need to know about SAP NetWeaver MDM?

The Wiki page features a Getting started with SAP NetWeaver MDM section that collects various information, definitions, links and more for MDM Beginners. In addition, SDN features a Getting Started page for MDM

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Can I install and run several versions of the MDM Clients in parallel on my PC?

Yes, both the installation as well as the parallel usage of all MDM Clients (e.g. Console, Data Manager, and so on) is possible. To achieve this, you need to change the default path suggested by the MDM installer during the MDM Client installation. You can use any destination folder on your local PC.


In SAP MDM Development we use a central folder SAP MDM Clients as root folder for our installations. Below this folder there is a specific one for each MDM build version we need to work with. The screenshot shows that it is even possible to install MDM 5.5 and MDM 7.1 Clients in parallel.


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What are the basics I need to know about the predefined SAP Business Content?

The Wiki page features a SAP Business Content section that collects useful information about the predefined SAP Business Content. In addition, SDN features an MDM Business Content page

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Where can I find Repositories with Data?

The predefined SAP Business Content contains a small set of sample data that can be used to demonstrate the MDM capabilities. The sample data is directly shipped with the content deliverables. Additionally there is a NetWeaver MDM Demo Package available for MDM 5.5

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How can I connect MDM with BI?

The predefined SAP Business Content used a file based approach to send data to BI. Each repository contains a Syndication Map that sends relevant data to BI. Alternatively you can use the MDM ABAP API to set up a direct connection between the systems.

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Where can I find more information?

The SAP MDM WIKI space contains several articles of various topics that contain additional information - but are to large for the FAQs. Use the links below to browse through the existing information.

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