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SAP NetWeaver MDM consists of several software components. This category collects useful information about the MDM Clients (like Console, Data Manager and so on) and other generic MDM tools (like Enrichment Controller, Data Extractors, and so on) provided by SAP.

General Information


MDM Console

MDM Data Manager

MDM Enrichment Controller

MDM Extractors

MDM Import Manager & Syndicator

MDM PI Adapter

MDM Portal, Web Dynpro Components & Web Services

MDM Publisher, Indexer & Image Manager


There is no content with the specified labels

MDM UoM Manager

There is no content with the specified labels

Your Contribution

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Tools & your contribution

If you add a new page do not forget to label it accordingly:

  • General Information topics use the label mdm_tools 
  • MDM CLIX related topics use the label mdm_clix
  • MDM Console related topics use the label mdm_console
  • MDM Data Manager related use the lable mdm_data_manager
  • MDM Enrichment Controller related topics use the label mdm_im_ec
  • MDM Extractors related topics use the label mdm_extractors
  • MDM Import Manager & Syndicator related topics use the label mdm_im_syn
  • MDM PI Adapter related topics use the label mdm_pi
  • MDM Portal, Web Dynpro Component & Web Service related topics use the label mdm_portal
  • MDM Publisher, Indexer & Image Manager related topics use the label mdm_publisher
  • MDM Server (MDS, MDIS, MDSS) related topics use the label mdm_servers
  • MDM UoM Manger related topics use the label mdm_uom
  • The label ensures that your new page will be automatically added to the lists above.

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