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The purpose of this document is to outline how to enroll a Windows Phone 10 device.


Windows Phone 8, 8.1 and 10 are able to use with Afaria.


Example of Windows Phone 10 device enrollment.

Example of Windows Phone 10 device enrollment.

1. Open on the Windows Phone device the Web browser.

2. Connect to the Afaria self service portal.

3. Enter a valid AD user and select Log on.

4. Select "Activate Enrollment Code URL".

5. Accept and Continue the Terms and Conditions.

6. Hold the Enrollment Code URL to copy.

7. Select Copy link.

8. Goto Step 2 and select Go To Workplace.

9. Select Enrol in device management on the device Work Access options.

10. Enter the valid email address for the user account previously used and select connect.

11. Paste the server URL to the Server field. Select connect.

12. The device is looking for your workplace....

13. ...and found them!

14. When you see this screen work access to Afaria is successfully.

15. Optional it's possible to start a synch manual on the work profile.

16. Select the synch button to force a synch.

17. The Windows Phone device is also listed on the Afaria server device view.


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