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The following WIKI page is designed to explain most of the known issues related to App Variants specific and be able to know how to resolve most known issues. This applies to S/4HANA Cloud Platform (NEO and ABAP)..


In this WIKI you will find all the steps needed in order to troubleshoot or fix a known App Variants issues..

Option 'Adapt UI' inactive

  • Symptom
    You have created an app variant but when you want to change it again the option 'Adap UI' is inactive.

  • Reason
    Looking at the http trace of your browser select request /sap/bc/lrep/app_variant_overview/. When you open the response look for the status of the app variant. This is field 'appVarStatus'. If the status is 'U', which stands for unpublished, it means that for some reason the corresponding custom catalog extension was not created during the creation of your app variant.

  • Solution
    1. Go to the app variant overview, select your app variant and chose option Actions → Copy Id
    2. Now return to the home page of Fiori Launchpad and navigate to group 'Extensibility'.
    3. Select app 'Custom Catalog Extensions' and paste the app variant id into the search field. Press the 'Go' button.
    4. This will show your app variant. Observe that no catalogs are assigned to the variant.
    5. Now click the 'Add' button and select one or more catalogs. Press 'OK'.
    6. Press the 'Publish' button and wait until the process is completed. Depending on your system load this might take a few minutes.
    7. Option 'Adapt UI' is active again.



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