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The purpose of this article is to show the following:

In SAP WM 5.1, there are 7 different work order assignment types, including options on planner groups, work center, etc. For notifications, only two options are person-based. What configuration is required to assign notifications based on work center?


The technique shown here will configure the SAP Work Manager to assign notification based on work center by means of editing the assignment type and by showing how to add custom settings in the Work Manager Agentry SAP config panel.


1.       Under SAP addon configpanel  there is assignment_type filter which contains only two options.

a) Go to the ConfigPanel Data Object DO - Standard Data Object.


c) Tab to Data Filter.

d) Click on Get Method - GET.

e) Select Filter - ASSIGNMENT_TYPE* Low Value drop down.

f) There are two selection 1-Header Level Person Responsible or 2-Task Level Personnel No Assignment.

2.       In Domain object under SAP, add custom option so the configpanel will have more options.

3.       Under the object handler->get method, add custom logic for the query to handle the case for work center assignment type.

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  1. Former Member

    Hello Mark,

    Great document, thank you.

    I have a question; If we use Header Level Planner Group for Notification Assignment Type, than can we still get notifications into mobile devices ? 



  2. May need to open a new discussion under:  as the above was additional notes that we added online from a past project/issue (2~3 years ago). This way the team or community that is heavily involved in projects that are recent can contribute to your question.

  3. Former Member

    Hello Mark,

    You can find the related question in this thread ; . Can you also take a look ? 

    Thank you so much for the quick reply.