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The purpose of this article is to resolve the following question or issue:

When trying to connect to the Work Manager Server to Maximo the following error is seen:

The system could not connect to an application server on the specified host


Connection refused to host

There is a firewall between the Work Manger Server and Maximo, what ports or range is needed to be open between the servers?


The ports that are needed are set in the file for the Maximo Server. 

The ports that are needed are:



If the mxe.rmi.port is set to 0, it will use a random port, and could change everything when the Maximo Server is restarted.  If a firewall is between the Maximo and Work Manager Server, this port should be set to an available port on the server.

For more inforamtion on IBM RMI ports see the link below:

If the firewall team of the company (security team) wants to narrow it down to port numbers (to limit it), the additional steps may be needed.

Example: Websphere

In Websphere,there is a setting called: ORB_LISTENER_ADDRESS. If it is set to 0, it means that at any restart a port number will be assigned dynamically.

If the security team or admin put a value for ORB_LISTENER_ADDRESS then Agentry Work Manager for Maximo will be using that port number.

The security team need to open 4 ports in the firewall:

  1. Bootstrap Address Port (Websphere).
  2. ORB_LISTENER_ADDRESS (Websphere).
  3. mxe.registry.port (Maximo system properties).
  4. mxe.rmi.port (Maximo system properties).

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