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In white paper How to Add a WebGui for HTML App to Fiori and How to Add a Web Dynpro application to Fiori Launchpad, you learnt how to create a SAP GUI for HTML/Web Dynpro tile.

In this white paper, you will learn how to do some basic analysis and troubleshooting when you face issues/errors with SAP GUI for HTML and Web Dynpro Tiles. We also provided the explanation and possible solutions for some typical errors.


This white paper introduces how the Fiori Launchpad processes the navigation on the SAP GUI for HTML/Web Dynpro tiles. It provides an example to explain how to check the navigation through http trace, to find out the target app URL that the Fiori Launchpad is trying to launch inside the FLP framework.

This white paper also lists some typical problems/errors with Web Dynpro / SAP GUI for HTML tiles on Fiori Launchpad. For each problem, we will explain the common cause of the problem, introduce how to solve the issues, and link you to the relevant KBAs/documents.

White Paper PDF

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