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This tutorial shows how to collect network traces with IE9/I10/IE11 Developer Tools.


The following is a step by step instruction on how to trace and collect network and browser related issues for analysis by SuccessFactors Customer Success Team. Please note there is no need to install any additional software. 

1. Open IE Developer Tools

 Make sure IE is opened, on your keyboard, press F12 (or Tools->F12Developer Tools ). It opens a new window ‘Home F12’, Go on Network tab


 2. Access Network section

Click on Network tab, you should see ‘Start capturing button’ with clear table.


3. Start Capturing before replicating the issue

Click ‘Start capturing’ (button switches then to ‘Stop Capturing’)



 4. Replicate the issue

Replicate the issue (ex: course completion problems, course freezes, timeout issues, blank pages…), the table should be populated by traces.


5. Stop capturing

Once you finished to replicate the issue, click ‘Stop capturing’ (the button switches back to ‘Start capturing’).



6. Export traces

 Click on the purple floppy disc icon, and export 2 Files:

- The csv file to save the traces overview

- The xml files to save the traces detailed view



 7. Attach the 2 files in the case

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