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CDP Recommended Articles


Common Issues:

  • 2833484 - Retirement of Career Development Plan Lite
  • 2833501 - Missing buttons in Matches tab when editing a Mentoring Program
  • 2812014 - Job Role Title is not showing in Role Readiness Assessment Form
  • 2817152 - Receiving a "Failed" notification when adding Mentors
  • 2820192 - Competency field is empty when adding a Goal/Objective in Development Plan

Most Popular:

  • 2401469 - Getting started with Mentoring (Definitions, Pre-requisites, Creation)
  • 2831503 - Require Mentor Approval (by mentoring program administrators or by managers) - Mentoring 
  • 2235618 - Career Worksheet Overview
  • 2686337 - How are Career Worksheet Roles evaluated, calculated and configured? 
  • 2324462 - CDP Integration in LMS Knowledge Support and Tips 

Most Helpful How-Tos:

  • 2266866 - Career Development Planning: How to Import Development Goals (Development Objectives) 
  • 2535471 - Mentoring: Creating Supervised or Unsupervised Programs
  • 2766345 - How to report on matched results of Open Enrollment Mentoring program?
  • 2220401 - Competency browser on Career Development Plan 
  • 2086117 - How to copy a Development Plan template? 

Just Getting Started?

These resources are most useful for those just getting started:

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The three most valued resources to customers include:


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