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The Career Worksheet relies heavily on job role definitions, configured under Families and Roles in the Admin section.
The Career Worksheet calculates employee readiness for a role by evaluating the employee's rated competencies against the competencies mapped to the future role. Customers can map competencies to roles either by using the new Job Profile Builder tool or via legacy Families and Roles.

For Job Profile Builder (JDM 2.0) Enabled instances

Competency mappings to roles are the sole source of competencies listed on the career worksheet.

The Career Worksheet can display the employee's last rating for each competency listed within a job role. It can also show the source (form name) of the rating, date rated, and a gap analysis comparing that rating with the expected rating for that competency in that role.

Rating Configuration

  • Can come from either PM forms or 360 forms. The last rating will be used in the CareerWorksheet; averaging is not supported. 
  • Only ratings from completed forms are displayed in the career worksheet.
  • Gaps are calculated using the expected rating from Families and Roles, just as on the [form summary section|Competency_Assessment&_Summary sec]. Since expected ratings can vary by role, the same competency might display different gap values for different roles. For example, an employee might have a positive competency gap for his or her current role, but when evaluating more senior roles with higher expectations, the same competency might show a negative gap.

Weight can be estimated by using the calculator feature. Just need to define the Lowest Score, Highest Score and the expected score.

Formula will be 100/(Highest Score - Lowest Score) x (Expected Score - Lowest Score)

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