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To use Career Explorer, configure the integration settings between your SAP SuccessFactors system and the People Connection system.


Enabled People Connection (Upgrade Center).


When your system is integrated with the People Connection system, the People Connection system retrieves and analyzes your Employee Central data. Then the system runs machine learning to train the employee data and to recommend career opportunities.


  1. In Admin Center, go to Manage People Connection Integration. Select Enable People Connection.
  2. You can deselect the option whenever you want to disable the feature. If disabled, all the training data in the People Connection system will be deleted.
  3. Enter a Super Admin user.
  4. To allow the People Connection system to retrieve your Employee Central data, the Super Admin user must at least have the permission of Employee Central API.
  5. Select the data center where your SAP SuccessFactors system is deployed.
  6. If you’re not sure in which data center your system is deployed, please contact SAP Cloud Support.
  7. Choose Save.


You’ve configured the integration settings for People Connection. The system can start data sync and data training. You can track the process status in Manage People Connection Integration.

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