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Plateau Report Designer (PRD) is a client tool to creates reports for use in SuccessFactors Learning. Plateau Report Designer is also referred as  BIRT. The content of this page is dedicated to Hosted customer ONLY. For hosted customer, We provide VJDBC url for connecting to SuccessFactors Learning stage instance. Due to  security and performance issue connecting to SuccessFactors Learning production instance is not supported.


  1. Only Staging system/instance can be connected to PRD tool.
  2. Your staging instance should have a REPORT_DEVELOPER role. How to check? If the Role REPORT_DEVELOPER does not exits in your staging instance, please open an incident and EXPLICILTY request to add the Role REPORT_DEVELOPER in your staging-instance.
  3. The ADMIN account being used exist in SuccessFactors Learning. How to check?
  4. The ADMIN account being used have REPORT_DEVELOPER role assigned to it. How to check?
  5. Proxy Server Settings (required for users that are behind a Proxy Server)


  1. Launch your locally installed instance of PRD.
  2. In PRD, select File > New > New Report.
  3. Change File Name if necessary and then click Finish button.
  4. Right click on Data Sources in Outline panel and then select New Data Source.
  5. Select option Create from a data source type in the following list, and then select JDBC Data Source. =>In the Data Source Name box, type a name that will help you remember the source, such as the customer’s name (CompanyXYZ).
  6. Click Next .
  7. Enter the following info:
    1. Select Driver Class: de.simplicit.vjdbc.VirtualDriverBirtWrapper (v1.6)
    2. Enter Driver URL:  jdbc:vjdbc:servlet:https://<CompanyXYZ>,db10g
      =>Please replace <CompanyXYZ> with your Tenant ID. =>Generally, Tenant ID could be found from SuccessFactors Learning stage instance URL like
    3. User Name:  ADMIN user having REPORT_DEVELOPER role.
    4. Password:  By default, it should be same as the password of the ADMIN account used to log in to SuccessFactors Learning stage instance.
  8. Click button Test Connection.



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