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Purpose of this page is to provide a functional and administrative overview of the connectors in the SuccessFactors Learning application. For More information, please consult the Connector Workbooks in the Related Documents section of this page


SuccessFactors Learning Connectors allow Administrators to automate importing data into the SF Learning application. Data can be provided directly by the customer, come from an integrated source e.g. Bizx Platform or a 3rd party provider e.g. Skillsoft connector. Structured  TXT and CSV input files, uploaded to a dedicated SFTP location, are used as data vehicle.  The system uses the information supplied in the CONNECTORS configuration (System Admin>Configuration>System Configuration) and the connectors settings (System Admin>Configuration>Connectors) allow the Administrator to automate the execution process.

Connector Workflow Overview


  1. File will be remove from FTP drive once LMS picks it up.
  2. *Must be configured in connector properties in LMS System Configuration

Detailed Processing Overview

Extract Program

Data can be extracted from

  • Customer system (e.g. customer internal learning content DB), 
  • An integrated application (e.g. Bizx, Employee Central, Onboarding ) 
  • 3rd party provider (e.g. Skillsoft courses).  

At this stage SuccesFactors (SF) can only assist with data extracts coming from the integrated application via the Bizx platform. For custom and 3rd party sources, please consult the responsible party.


Extracted data is put in input files structured based on the connector input file templates (System Admin -> Tools -> Download Connector Template ). The input file can be stored encrypted or in clear text format. The file is uploaded to the SFTP location provided by SF together with customer specific user credentials.

  • For integrated application, input file creation is automated via Provisioning
  • For other sources, the input file maintenance is the responsibility of the provider (customer or 3rd party). In this case, SF only maintains the SFTP location.

Connectors (Consumer Process)

Customer configures the connector (System Admin -> Configuration -> System Configuration -> CONNECTORS) and schedules the connector to consume the input file (System Admin -> Connectors)

Connectors (Background Process)

The SF Learning application processes the input files based on the connector configuration and updates the DB. Result report and logs are available via the GUI (System Admin -> Connectors)

Error Resolution

Customer is responsible for reviewing connector output reports and take corrective action.  SuccessFactors will assist in reviewing output reports.


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