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An idea where the issue is.

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Purpose of troubleshooting task

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the name of the tool(s) to use

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Incorrect SFTP configuration

To verify that SFTP configuration is correct and LMS can reach the input file location




"Test FTP Connection" button




Confirms FTP connection, user credentials and input file read access are workingLMS -> System Admin -> Connectors -> Select Connector -> Test FTP Connection
  • If test failed, validate SFTP configuration (System Admin -> Configuration -> System Configuration -> CONNECTORS) using web browser or 3rd party FTP client
  • validate SFTP credentials and if incorrect request them internally from via customer support


Incorrect connector field mappingVerify the correct mapping and syntax(star)(star)(star)Connector WorkbookIncludes definitions and examples of all standard fields for each connectorValidate your field mappings (System Admin -> Configuration -> System Configuration -> CONNECTORS ) against the values in the Connector Workbook2199203 - Where can I find the latest LMS Connector Workbook ?
Invalid/corrupted input file or input file missing

Validate if input file is

  • invalid (e.g. wrong file format)
  • corrupted
  • missing
  • "View Results"
  • "Show archived input files"
  • error from results might identify the issue
  • validate the input file format and syntax

Navigate to System Admin -> Connectors -> Affected connector:

  • "View Results" to check the general error e.g. "WARN - NO RECORDS"
  • Continue to "View Logs" for detailed error message e.g. "No valid input file found that match the pattern - admin_data.txt "
  • "Show archived input files" to download the input file used the affected connector run
  1. If archived input file contains only a file "INPUT_FILE_NOT_FOUND.txt" - the LMS was not able to find a valid input file. Check if the file is being generated on the SFTP server BEFORE the connector execution
  2. If the file is not present on the SFTP server check if it being picked up by e.g. other LMS environments in your landscape. Simply compare the SFTP settings on other LMS environments (System Admin -> Configuration -> System Configuration -> CONNECTORS). If he same SFTP credentials (hostname, username, remote directory) are used in multiple environments they would compete for the same input file. Each LMS environment should use a different SFTP account (different username) in the connector configuration. 
  3. If the above is false, request Customer Support or Partner to check the input file creation mechanism in Provisioning
Invalid data being imported from Bizx 
  • Confirm if data from Bizx is in a valid LMS format.
  • Identify the source of the invalid data
(star)(star)(star)(star)Connector input fileIncludes the raw data exported from Bizx into LMS. This is the data LMS will try to import using the connector

System Admin -> Connectors -> Select affected connector -> click "Show archived input files"

  • check the problematic values in the input file
  • compare against values stored in Bizx
  • compare against existing, valid values for that field already stored in LMS
  • If values in the input file and Bizx do not match
    • check the input file creation process (Provisioning access by Customer Support or Partners required) 
    • confirm the source - target mapping (e.g. is Bizx PROD mapped to LMS PROD) 
  • If values in Bizx and input file match
    • check if the value is in a valid LMS format (see scenario above)
      • in case of referenced fields, check if that value already exists in LMS. You can confirm if a field is referenced on not using the Connector Workbook

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