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Create mentoring programs with defined dates that use either supervised or unsupervised matching and in which employees are invited to participate as mentors or mentees.

Using Mentoring to manage your development programs replaces the traditional, bulky, and manual processes and the spreadsheets that go with them. Mentoring provides you with the tools you need to define the program, invite mentors and mentees to participate, and then monitor the program to closing. You have the flexibility to define both supervised and unsupervised programs. The major difference being whether or not your mentoring administrator is involved in the matching phase of the program.

Permission and Pre-requisites:

Permission LocationPermission Name
Employee DataFirst Name: View

Last Name: View

General User PermissionCompany Info Access: User Search
General User PermissionCommunity Access
Metadata FrameworkAccess to non-secured objects
Manage Integration ToolsAllow Admin to Access OData API through Basic Authentication
Manage Career DevelopmentManage Mentoring Programs
Career Development PlanningMentoring Programs Access Permission


  1. Go to Admin Center > Tools > Manage Mentoring Programs.
  2. Your program overview page is where you'll find all your programs, grouped by status:
    • Not Started: These mentoring programs have not started yet and may still require input. For example, mentors or mentees may still be signing up or you may need to review the matching (in supervised programs).
    • In-progress: These mentoring programs have started and will run until their designated end dates or until you manually close them.
    • Finished: These mentoring programs have reached their end dates and are no longer active.
  3. Clicking "Create new program", will show you the available programs.
  4. Choose the type of program you want to create.
    • Supervised: In supervised matching, a matching job will run based on your preference and configuration, and the administrator can review and edit the matches. The program dates strictly follow the program process. For example, mentor sign-up ends when mentee sign-up starts.
    • Unsupervised: In unsupervised matching, the system provides guidance but mentees make direct requests to mentors. The program dates are also more flexible in unsupervised programs. For example, mentor sign-ups can continue even after mentee sign-up starts.
  5. Whether Supervised or Unsupervised, UI for Program creation will be the same. See screenshot below:

Field Definitions:

Mentor Sign-Up Start: Date after which mentors can start signing up for the program

Mentee Sign-up Start: Date after which mentees can start signing up for the program. To provide ample time for mentors to sign up for the program, don't schedule the mentees to start signing up too soon after the mentors. Not only does this give mentees more mentors to choose from, but it also improves the recommendations made by the system.

In supervised programs, the dates are strictly adhered to so once mentees start signing up, mentor sign up is closed. Any mentors or mentees attempting to sign up after the sign up period has closed are directed to a landing page explaining that they have missed the deadline for sign up.

In unsupervised programs, the dates are more flexible so mentors can still sign up after mentee sign-up has started.

Matching Start: (Only for supervised programs) Date when matching starts and no more participants can sign up. You should schedule enough time between the mentee sign-up and matching dates to maximize participation.

Mentoring Program Start: Date on which the program begins. Once the program starts, no further adjustments to matching, mentors, or mentees can be made.

Mentoring Program End: Date on which the program ends

Defining Participants

Employees can only sign up to participate in mentoring programs if you specifically invite them as mentors or mentees. Be sure to invite enough mentors to cover all the mentees. You can add participants one by one or through Groups. To set up a group for use with Mentoring Program, kindly follow the steps in SAP KBA: 2166545

To ensure optimal system performance when the system matches mentors and mentees, do not add more than 3,000 mentors or 3,000 mentees to a supervised program.

If you add a group, only current members of the group are added to the mentoring program. If any new members are added to the group after it's added to the program, they are not included in the program.

You also cannot add Mentees who are already invited as Mentors in the same program.

Signup Form

Whenever a mentor or mentee signs up for a mentoring program, they are presented with a series of questions to answer. Those answers are then used by the system to find the best fits between mentors and mentees through a standard formula of Auto Matching Algorithm and the sign-up form is where you define those questions. There are 2 Answer types you can choose from: Picklist and Freetext fields.

For more information about Signup form configuration, please click here.

Next steps:

  1. Modifying Mentoring Invitation Email Templates
  2. Reviewing and Launching a Mentoring Program
  3. Inviting Mentors and Mentees to Sign up
  4. Modifying Matching Questions After the Programs have been launched

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