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The purpose of this page is to provide an overview and act as a starting point to look for the available configuration options in the Development Plan.


The Career Development Planning module brings many functionalities related to employee development and career planning. The Development Plan is one of its main functionalities. It enables employees to record their personal or career Development Goals. The Development Plan can be used for:

  • Personal Growth: enabling the employees to undertake relevant development activities and ensuring follow-through on development plans;
  • Corrective Remedies: by closing competency gaps with time-bound development plans;
  • Developing internal succession candidates: by linking to development plans and career notes from the Succession Planning module. 

Implementation Options

There are two implementation options available for Career Development Planning: 

Career Development Planning Lite

Basic Development Plans (“CDP Lite”) can be implemented for free with the Performance Management solution. This enables customers to create simple development plans from the performance review form. A starting template called "Development – Basic" is loaded into the ACE v6.2 instances. Customization of this template is not encouraged. The development plan can be accessed through the form only.

Retirement of CDP Lite

Starting in H2 2020 (b2011), CDP Lite will be automatically deactivated for all customers who are still using this feature. Complete information is available in the section "Retirement of CDP Lite" of the Career Development Planning Implementation and Administration Guide.

CDP Lite is no longer supported with Career Development Planning V12.

Full Career Development Planning

The full version of SAP SuccessFactors Career Development Planning (the purchased version) includes the following features:

      • Development Plan
      • Career Worksheet
      • Career Path

It also enables full customization of the development plan and links to the SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System.

Are there different versions of the Development Plan?

Currently, we have two versions of the Development Plans available: the v12 Development Plan, which is the newer version of the UI and leverages the Fiori design standards to provide consistency and enhanced usability and accessibility; and the v11 Development Plan, which is the older version and has had its end of maintenance on Q4 2017 and has the end of life planned for Q1 2019. See the dates below that apply to the v11 Development Plan: 

  • End of development: Starting from Q2 2017, functional enhancements will only be made to the v12, or higher, UI version.

  • End of maintenance: The last release in which maintenance activities, such as code fixes, will be applied to version v11 is Q4 2017. As of Q1 2018, no more maintenance activities will be performed for older versions.

  • End of life: The last release in which customers can productively use versions lower than v12 is Q1 2019. As of Q2 2019, we will automatically activate the new v12 UI version for all those customers who have not yet enabled the v12 UI version themselves.

Please refer to the following section in the Career Development Planning Implementation and Administration Guide for more information on the Replacement of Development Plan v11.

Best Practices

  • In most cases, customers should have a single development plan, and not one per year. Development goals, unlike performance goals, frequently span multiple years, especially as career-oriented features are added to the product. Customers who want to separate completed goals from in-progress goals, can use goal categories to achieve this. Additionally, if using the Career Worksheet, it can only be linked to a single Career Development Planning template.

  • The Development Plan supports public and private goals, and you can configure different permissions for private goals. For example, users may have a few development goals related to their current role that they want to allow to be visible to their direct reports, peers and higher management. But they may have some development goals related to their development for a future role that they don't want to share with direct reports and peers, which could be added as private goals. You can specify that new development goals be private by default by adding this parameter: new-obj-share-status-public="false"

  • If you don't want to specify different permissions for public/private goals, you can disable the ability to make development goals public, by removing all roles for the "share" permission. This is recommended so that users don't even see this functionality in the instance. 


Permissions for the Development Plan are granted both in RBP (access to the plan) and in the template itself (action and field permissions). For complete information, refer to the Wiki Page Career Development Plan - Permissions.

Configuring the Development Plan 

Customers can make smaller configuration changes (such as changes to categories and field definitions) through the Manage Templates functionality in Admin Center. For more information on how to use this tool, refer to Wiki Page Career Development Planning (CDP) - Manage Templates.

More complex changes, such as changes to permissions or enabling other features, need to be applied directly to the Development Plan template XML. Complete information about the configuration options can be found in the Career Development Planning Implementation and Administration Guide - Configuring Development Goals.

Some simple configuration changes that need to be performed in the Development Plan template XML can be applied by support, but you would need to engage an Implementation Parter for more complex changes. Please refer to SAP KBA 2252618 - SCR Form: XML Software Change Request for Career Development Plans and Learning Activity Plans.

How to format the fields in the Development Plan? 

The Development Plan offers some basic formatting functionality through specific field IDs and field types, which should be used consistently to their purposes, so as to not confuse the end users. Please refer to Wiki Page Career Development Plan - Text Formatting Behavior (font sizes and colors) for information on which fields have this special behavior. 

How to check for configuration issues in the Development Plan? 

The Check Tool is an Admin Center feature that helps you identify errors and potential problems in your configuration. There are some checks that have already been implemented for the Development Plan and for Career Worksheet, which are explained in the Wiki Page Career Development Planning - Check Tool.

Learning Activities

The Development Plan allows users to add Learning Activities for each Development Goals, to track the actions and trainings they are taking towards achieving the goal. Customers that have SAP SuccessFactors Learning (LMS) can also integrate it to CDP, so that the users can add Learning Activities directly from the Learning Catalog. 

For more information on how to configure Learning Activities, refer to the Career Development Planning Implementation and Administration Guide - Configuring Learning Activities.

SAP SuccessFactors Learning (LMS) Integration 

The CDP module offers the possibility of integrating with the SuccessFactors Learning, so that users can add Learning Activities directly from the Learning Catalog. This integration can also be called "Transcript", since this is the name of the feature that enables it from CDP side. For more information on this integration, please refer to the Career Development Planning Implementation and Administration Guide - Integration with SAP SuccessFactors Learning

Reporting on Development Goals

For complete information on how to report on Development Goals and the required configurations to make all fields available in Ad Hoc, refer to Wiki Page Development Goals and Learning Activities - Ad Hoc Reports.

Showing Development Goals on the Employee Profile 

There is a Development Goals portlet that enables you to show and edit development goals directly from the Employee Profile. For complete information on this and on how to configure this portlet, refer to Wiki Page Development Plan - Development Objectives portlet for People Profile

Development Goals section in Performance Forms

It's possible to include a Development Goals section in PMv12A forms to allow employees to define Development Goals through a form PM review process, and even rate their Development Goals at the end of the review period. For complete information on the Goals Section from Performance Forms, please refer to the Performance Management v12 Acceleration Guide - Goals Section. For information on some specific behaviors of this section that are not covered by the guide, refer to Wiki Page Development Goals section in Performance Forms.

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