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The purpose of this page is to provide you some use cases related to the Performance Forms  Field permissions configuration.


In this Document, we have an example of field permission configuration of a form with a self evaluation step, a manager evaluation step and in the Completed step the employee will be able to see the Manager's Comments but not the ratings provided.


A common need is to have a form with self evaluation step, a manager evaluation step and the completed step.

In this scenario, usually the manager should have permission to see the Employee Self evaluation, rate the form but also there is a need that the manager rating remain hidden from the employee after the form completion and only the Comments be visible for the self development of the Employee.

In order to achieve this, is necessary to grant the proper permissions so the right people see only what they are meant to see. Having this in mind, please refer to the configuration below as an example.

In this example we have a route map with 3 steps: Self Evaluation, Manager Evaluation and the Completed step.

The need of the form is the following:

  • The employee can rate in the self evaluation,
  • The manager can see the employee's ratings and comments, rate the official form rating, 
  • In the completed step the Manager rating and comments should remain hidden from the employee but all should be visible for the Manager

For this we will have the below configuration:

  1.  Route Map:

    • Self Evaluation
    • Manager Evaluation
    • Completed

  2. In the form we will have to link the Route Map and rating scale

  3. Then we can start to configure the Other's Rating tab permission in the "Show advanced options..."

  4. The first permission that we need to configure is a "Enabled" Permission for "All" roles in "All" route steps as below.

    With this setting, the employee will be able to see ratings or/and comments form the manager on the completed step. However, this also depends on the Field permissions as we will see in the next steps.

  5.  With the Other's rating tab properly permission, we will configure the field permission.

    In the example below, we will not comment on the section, only in the items, this case we are configuring a Competency Section, so the users will be able to rate and comment on each specific competency.

    With the below configuration the once the form is completed, the employee will only be able to see the manager comments, and not the ratings added by the manager. So in this case, we configure a "none" permission for the Employee Role, "All" route steps and select the field Item Rating.

    With this permission, even the Employee has permission to the Other's Rating Tab, he will not be able to see the rating added by the manager.

  6. Ahead we have the read and write permissions for the Employee

    Please note that the employee rates in the field "Subject Rating" and is also permission to write on the "item comments" meaning, each specific competency can have a comment. The read permission is set to "All" route steps, this to enable the Employee to see the manager's comments in the completed form.

  7.  For the Manager, we will grant the write permission to the "item rating" as well as the "item Comments" and in addition to this, we will add a "Read" permission for the "Subject Rating" field, to make sure that the manager can see the self evaluation rating of the Employee

    When the form is in the Completed step, we will have the following scenario

  1. Manager can see his ratings and comments as the ratings and comments from the employee.

  2. As for the Employee, can see his own ratings and comments and also the comments by the manager. Manager ratings remain hidden form the employee.

    Note: If you do not wish the employee to be able to see the form Final Rating once its completed, will also be necessary to edit the permission in the form Summary Section as below: "None" for the "Employee" Role and "All" Route steps

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