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This is a subpage of the EC Integration with Onboarding and Recruiting wiki. Please click here to to return to the main wiki.

This section is meant to list common known error messages that may be thrown when working with the onboarding or recruiting integration to EC.

The idea is that you can use the ctrl-f function to search quickly for a known error txt or fingerprint. if you find the error or fingerprint, you can click on it to direct you immediately to the document or knowledge base that applies.

Also note that Fingerprints are unique to specific code area and therefore it is high chance if you find the fingerprint in this list that the reference will fix the issue. Errors though on the other hand can be thrown in different scenarios/different product sections, so you may see some errors listed multiple times or the kbase linked to it may not necessarily apply or fix your issue. Also it may be worth searching on part of the error message as some of these errors may vary slightly or may be part of the full error message (This is due to removal of specific field names or customer sensitive data etc).

In case you don't know where you can find Fingerprints. These can be found as part of the application errors that are thrown. Its the typical popup errors that you may see when getting an error. The fingerprint is usually right after the errorid.

Example application error: 

If you copy and paste this error in a txt file, you will see a long timestamped error like below:

errorId=x4441a4f-x59b-4d66-9b40-xx7392045578, fingerprint=6xc690x231dx9x4fxxx6edcbbfbcd9x14bb89xx3, timestamp=1900-01-01T15:00:05.160-0400, server=1XX4XXX40, versionInfo=Release%3A%20b1705.1232827%0A%20%20%20%20Server%3A%201PC4BCF40%0A%20%20%20%20Timestamp%3A%202017-06-06T13%3A58%3A38.256-0400



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