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Learning WIKIs

Learning Guided Answers
Guided Answers can be searched via the SAP One LaunchPad Search (recommended if you are not sure if a Guided Answer exists for your topic) or by the External Application (recommended if you know a Guided Answer exists on your topic).

Existing Guided Answers for LMS (not an all inclusive list):

For more information on how to use Guided Answers, please see KBA 2492603.

Recommended Articles

Recommended KBAs

    • 2318341  -  LMS Connectors Knowledge Support and Tips

    • 2302153  – LMS: Notifications Overview  

    • 2377246  – SuccessFactors LMS Glossary Terms  

    • 2341420   –  LMS VLS (Virtual Learning Session) Knowledge Support and Tips  

Helpful How-To KBAs

    • 2088892 - How to Grant Support Access to SuccessFactors Support Staff

    • 2668004 – BizX to LMS User Connector – SF Troubleshooting

    • 2222795 – LMS SF User updateOnNull for Custom Columns

Just Getting Started?

These resources are most useful for those just getting started in LMS:

New to your role or this module?
Looking for Answers

The three most valued resources to customers include:


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Additional SuccessFactors Resources

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