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This WIKI covers some common issues you may face with System and Custom reports in the Learning Management System (LMS)


The LMS provides reporting capabilities to help track learning and users in the LMS instance.  Below are some common issues you may run into while reporting in the LMS with the system (standard / out of box) reports as well as with custom reporting.

Important Notes:

  • SAP SuccessFactors customer support does not assist with custom reporting issues, including modification of system reports.  Professional Services can assist with custom reporting issues.
  • The troubleshooting advice provided in this WIKI that includes changing settings or setting up connections should be analyzed by your LMS Admin and Company IT Team to ensure it does not conflict with any IT Security Policies that may be in place, or cause any problems in the LMS setup
  • Testing should never be done in Production.  Check with your LMS Admin on what test instances are available to you.


System reports are the reports the LMS is deployed with.  A list of reports is available in this sub-WIKI, but please note this list may change with each release.

What reports are in my LMS?

To check which reports are currently in your LMS:

Logon to LMS Admin

Navigate to Reports (button in top right of LMS Admin UI)



How to determine if a report is Custom


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