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The purpose of this page is to explain the configuration options available and how they affect the behavior of Talent Pools. 


There are some configuration options available in MDF Talent Pools, such as enabling/disabling the Readiness rating for nominations, setting up filter options and adding custom fields to the Talent Pool object. 

How to enable/disable Readiness rating for Talent Pool Nominations?

The MDF Talent Pools feature allows the users to select if they want to use a readiness rating individually for each Talent Pool. Readiness configuration is the same with Position Nomination. When creating a new Talent Pool, the user will be able to select a Yes/No value for the “enableReadiness” field. The value for this field can be changed at any point in time. 

To edit this value, click to "Show and Edit Talent Pool" > Edit > enter an effective Start Date for the change > change the value of the "Enable Readiness" field value > Save (left screenshot): 

This can also be modified in Admin Center > Employee Files > Manage Data > Talent Pool (right screenshot)

If the field "Enable Readiness" is changed to "No", the "Readiness" column/field will no longer appear in the list of nominations or when adding/editing a nomination for that specific Talent Pool.

Filter Options

In the list of Talent Pools page, it's possible to filter which Talent Pools will appear on the list. By default, the Talent Pool Code and Name fields are already included as filters, but you can also include other Talent Pool fields to the filter list. 

The fields should be configured as Searchable Fields in the Talent Pool object. 

  1. Go to Admin Center > Configure Object Definitions.
  2. In the first dropdown, select "Object Definition" > in the second dropdown, select "TalentPool" object. 
  3. Click "Take Action" > "Make Correction". 
  4. Under "Searchable Fields", you can define fields as filters in the Talent Pools page.
  5. Save changes. 

Note: Only fields of data type "picklist", "string", "boolean" and "date" are supported as filters in the new MDF Talent Pool UI.

Manage Talent Pool Field Settings

For Talent Pool Nomination filters, you need to go to Admin Center > Succession > Manage Talent Pool Field settings. By default, readiness and Job title are selected and grayed out.

Besides the Division, Department, and Location, configurable fields include employee’s talent flags and 15 custom fields from employee profile. Fields like Gender, are not a selectable filter.

A maximum of 15 fields can only be selected otherwise, you'll get an error message:

Once done, you'll be able to control these fields through "Adapt Filters" and "Define Column Properties".

How to add custom fields to the Talent Pool object?

The MDF Talent Pools are based on the MetaData Framework, so all changes to the Talent Pool object can be made on Admin Center > Configure Object Definitions. For more information on how to manage the object definition, please refer to the MDF Implementation Guide - Configuring the Object Definition.

For some fields in the Talent Pool (all fields in the Talent Pool field settings) are fetched from Employee Profile and can be controlled through the permissions in RBP > Employee Data Section.

Owner and Type fields

The Owner and Type fields already come pre-configured with the Talent Pool object. The Type field indicates whether the Talent Pool is used for "Succession" or "Default" purposes and the Owner field (user type field) indicates the user that owns the Talent Pool.

Those two fields are only used to convey the information, but there is no special behavior defined for them. So, it is possible to make the fields Not Visible with no impact to the Talent Pools functionality. The only limitation is that the "Owner" field label will be displayed by default in the Talent Pools list page.

Enhancements/Changes to Talent Pools (Nomination UI):


  • Talent pool users can now filter and search the nominees in a talent pool.
  • Users can also add, remove, and rearrange columns in the nomination table according to their preference.
  • Besides the Division, Department, and Location, configurable fields include Employee talent flags and 15 customer fields from the employee profile. Users can select up to 15 fields to display at one time.
  • Admin users can configure which fields of those fields, which are theoretically supported, should really be visible to talent pool users.


  • Talent Pool Nomination History: Displays any action made to the end-user such as which nominee was added to a pool at which time by whom; and has been changed by whom/when. Thus, customers can benefit from the transparency in the process of talent pool management. This has been introduced starting b2005 release to allow different roles including Manager, HRBP, and Head of Talent Management which is working together to manage and also develop nominees in the Talent Pool, it is necessary to offer a tracing mechanism that can provide an overview of nomination history from talent pool perspective.  Previously, there is a lack of a tracing mechanism to show the nomination history.


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