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The purpose of this page is to help the reader understand what rating sources are being considered by the Matrix Grid Reports.


The Matrix Grid Report can be customized to retrieve ratings from specific sources (Live Profile, Performance Forms, Calibration) and to include in-progress or only completed ratings. This page helps you understand the settings that affect the source of ratings, so you can effectively configure the process and/or troubleshoot issues related to rating inconsistencies. 

Understanding the Matrix Grid Report process (What ratings are included in the Matrix Grid Report?)

The process configuration of the Matrix Grid Report determines what are the rating sources (Live Profile, Performance Management, Calibration) that will be considered when retrieving the latest ratings for the users. Here, we are also concerned about some other settings that impact whether the Matrix Grid Report is taking the latest or the average of the ratings, whether it is considering in-progress Performance Forms and whether it is considering in-progress Calibration Sessions. 

  1. Go to Admin Center > Matrix Grid Reports: Performance-Potential or How vs. What.
  2. Review the following configuration in this page:
    1. What is the Trend Element selected for each axis? The Trend Element selected for each axis will determine the type of ratings you need to look at (Performance, Potential, Objective, Competency, Custom1 or Custom2).
    2. What is the process (source of ratings) selected for each axis? The process selected will determine what are the sources of ratings (whether they come from Live Profile, Performance Forms and/or Calibration Sessions). If you have “All data sources” (first option from the list) selected, this means that all ratings from the instance are included. If another process is selected, you will need to go to Admin Center > Processes and Forms to understand the configuration (more details explained below).
    3. Is the checkbox “Exclude in-progress forms when retrieving the most recent ratings” enabled? If this checkbox is enabled, the Matrix Grid Report will not consider ratings from in-progress forms, so you don’t need to run the step 2 of this guide - Run the Performance Management Ad Hoc Report.
    4. Is the checkbox “Use average of all found ratings, instead of latest” enabled? If this checkbox is enabled, you will need to retrieve all the ratings for the given date range and average them. If this checkbox is disabled, which is the most common use case, the system will retrieve the latest rating available for the given date range. 


Understanding the selected process

If you have “All data sources” (first option from the list) selected in the Process, the Matrix Grid Report will retrieve ratings from all sources, including Live Profile, Scorecard, Performance Manager and Calibration. If another option is selected, then you’ll need to check the process configuration.

  1. Go to Admin Center > Processes and Forms > select the process selected for the Matrix Grid Report (item b from above screenshot).
  2.  The process configuration is divided into the following sections:
    1. Performance Form templates: ratings from the forms included in this section will be considered by the Matrix Grid Report. This means any type of ratings, regardless of what is selected in Succession Data.
    2. Succession Data: ratings from the Live Profile, Scorecard and Calibration sessions will be considered by the Matrix Grid Report if the respective Trend element is included in this section. 

Therefore, after analyzing the process, you should understand if data from the Live Profile, Scorecard and Calibration sessions are being considered for a given Trend element and what Performance Forms are being considered. 

Are in-progress Calibration Sessions included?

If you have Calibration configured in your instance, you will need to verify if ratings from in-progress Calibration Sessions are included:

  1. Go to Admin Center > Calibration > Manage Calibration Settings > Global Settings.
  2. Verify if “Show In-Progress Calibration Ratings In Live Profile” is enabled:

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