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The purpose of this page is to explain the standard elements "matrix1Label" and "matrix2Label", which display the latest placement of a user for the Matrix Grid Reports. 


The "matrix1Label" and "matrix2Label" standard elements allow customers to display the latest placement from the Matrix Grid Reports in the Employee Profile or to export this value.

Matrix1Label and Matrix2Label

Those two standard elements can be used to display the latest placement (box) from the Matrix Grid Reports (Performance-Potential and How vs. What) in the Employee Profile and to export these values via a Personal Information Export. 

What to be aware of: 

  • The "matrix1Label" element corresponds to the Performance-Potential Matrix Grid Report and the "matrix2Label" to the How vs. What Matrix Grid Report. 
  • The information from these fields is calculated at runtime, which means that they are calculated when they need to be displayed in the Employee Profile or when they are exported. 
  • These fields can be displayed in the Employee Profile or exported via the Personal Information User Export. 
  • These fields are not available in reports or in the Talent Search.
  • These fields cannot be updated via import (or via the Employee Profile), but they can be left in the Personal Information User Import file and the system will simply ignore them during the import.
  • Permissions for these fields are available under "Employee Data" in RBP (Role-Based Permissions), once they have been defined in the Succession Data Model. Only "view" permissions apply, since it is not possible to edit them. 
  • The placement will follow the process configuration from the Matrix Grid Reports, including custom weights. The very last placement available for the user is considered. 
  • The fields also display "Unrated" or "Too New To Rate" values, if those are configured in the Matrix Grid Reports. 

Historical Matrix Grid Placement portlets

Tip: Consider using the Historical Matrix Grid Placement portlets, instead of the matrix1Label and matrix2Label fields. They offer more complete information on the current and history of employee placements in the Matrix Grid Reports and they can be displayed in the Employee Profile, used in reports and also used in Talent Search. For more information on these portlets, please refer to the Wiki page Matrix Grid Reports - Historical Matrix Grid Placement portlets.

Employee Profile

  1. Go to My Employee Files > search for the user > locate the portlet.

Personal Information Export

  1. Go to Admin Center > Update User Information > Export Extended User Information.
  2. Select "Personal Information" > click "Export Extended Data only". 

How To Configure the matrix1Label and matrix2Label fields? 

Succession Data Model

The first steps to configure those fields is to include their definition in the Succession Data Model. 

  1. Go to Provisioning (back end) > Import/Export Data Model > export the Succession Data Model.
  2. Include the definition for the standard elements (the fields can be added one at a time): 
    <standard-element id="matrix1Label" max-length="100" required="false" matrix-filter="false">
    <label>Perf-Pot Placement</label>
    <standard-element id="matrix2Label" max-length="100" required="false" matrix-filter="false">
    <label>How vs. What Placement</label>
  3. Register the elements under the "employeeProfile" view-template: 
    <view-template id="employeeProfile" pdf-printing-enabled="true">
    <label>Employee Profile</label>
    <description>Employee Profile</description>
    <edit-template id="personalInformation">
    <label>Personal Information</label>
    <description>Personal Information</description>
    <standard-element-ref refid="matrix1Label"/>
    <standard-element-ref refid="matrix2Label"/>
  4. Save the Succession Data Model and upload it back. 

As a customer, you do not have access to provisioning (back end) to apply this change. To make this change, engage your Implementation Partner or contact Cloud Product Support.

Grant permissions (RBP)

Once defined in your Succession Data Model, you will need to grant permissions in RBP for the fields.

  1. Go to Admin Center > Update User Permissions > Manage Permission Roles.
  2. Select the desired Permission Role.
  3. Click "Permission..." > select the "Employee Data" section. 
  4. Enable "View" permissions over the "Perf-Pot Placement" and "How vs. What Placement" fields.
  5. Save changes.

Employee Profile

After granting the permissions, you have the option to configure the fields to display in the Employee Profile.

  1. Go to Admin Center > Employee Files > Configure People Profile.
  2. From the list of available blocks, drag a "Live Profile User Information" block (under Custom Blocks) and drop it on the desired location of the People Profile. Or select an existing "Live Profile User Information" block to include the fields.
  3. Click "Add Field" > select the "Perf-Pot Placement" or "How vs. What Placement" from the list. 
  4. Save the configuration. 

Tip: If the field is not appearing in the list of available fields, confirm if the fields were registered (standard-element-ref) under the "employee-profile" view-template in the Succession Data Model.

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