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Mentoring typically refers to a development relationship where a more experienced or knowledgeable person provides guidance or coaching to a less experienced person. These relationships can be focused on things like personal growth, specific tasks, or professional development. Formal mentoring or coaching programs often involve a high degree of manual processing to match mentors and mentees. They also provide limited opportunity to track progress or report on results.

The Mentoring solution from SAP SuccessFactors provides you with a central and integrated tool to set up and run programs to manage your organization's structured mentoring relationships. It provides you with a framework for your development program management and can be applied to your leadership development, coaching, enablement, or job shadowing programs, just to name a few.

Using Mentoring to manage your development programs replaces the traditional, bulky, and manual processes and the spreadsheets that go with them. Mentoring provides you with the tools you need to define the program, invite mentors and mentees to participate, and then monitor the program to closing. You have the flexibility to define several different types of programs.

  • Open Enrollment programs have no defined end date and are not managed by inviting participants but rather by allowing all employees, or a subgroup of employees, to see and sign up free for a program. Users can sign up as both mentors and mentees in the same program.

  • Supervised programs require the mentoring administrator to oversee the matching of mentees to mentors through auto-generated and manual matches. Mentoring administrators define program dates, and the program dates strictly follow the program process, for example, mentor sign-up ends as soon as mentee sign-up starts.

  • Unsupervised programs allow mentees to make direct requests to mentors without administrator intervention. The system still suggests mentors based on the same matching criteria used in the supervised programs but no automatic matching occurs. The system automatically triggers the next step or status based on the program dates defined. Administrators can still push the program to the next step manually if they want to. The program date flexibility also allows mentees to sign up even after mentor sign-up has started.

Regardless of the type of mentoring program you create, each program follows a common general process. Once you've enabled Mentoring and assigned your administrators, you can create programs and define who can participate. Mentee and mentor matching takes place, either independently or with oversight, and you run and track the program before closing it.

Next Steps: 

Enabling Mentoring and Setting up Permissions

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