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An Overview

LMS (Learning Management System) generates notifications to inform recipients about an action that they need to take, or about an event which had occurred. There are many events that can occur in the LMS for which individuals would want to be notified. For instance, an administrator, learner, instructor, supervisor, or other contact might want to know when:

  • An automated process or background job is completed
  • A Learner registers, withdraws from, requests, or is waitlisted for a course
  • A scheduled offering is rescheduled or cancelled
  • A competency assessment needs to be completed
  • Inventory needs to be reordered

When these (or several other) events occur, the LMS may send an e-mail notification to one or more individuals. The content of each notification e-mail is determined by a Notification Template that is configured through the LMS administrator interface. Customizing these templates can be simple or complex depending on the business need.

Notifications are generally sent to the following:

  • User – about status and action required
  • Supervisor user – about direct reports
  • Organization owner user – about organization status
  • Instructor – about student registrations
  • Admin – about system processing, APM results, errors, etc.
  • Contacts/Other – about items, facilities, registration

Additional Resources:

LMS Notification WIKIs:

Product Documentation

SAP SuccessFactors Learning Notification Customization

Process for Enabling SAP SuccessFactors Learning Email Messages

Template ID to Trigger to Receiver Map - This document shows you which actions in LMS trigger which Notifications and which Template is used for those notifications.



Product Documentation

SAP Help Portal requires a logon to access many documents.  Please be sure to logon in order to access the documentation linked above.



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