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The Position Tile view allows you to narrow down the position list using filters based on position attributes rather than people attributes. To configure these filter fields, add them as searchable fields to the MDF position object definition.

Supported Data Types

  • Date
  • Picklist
  • Enum
  • String
  • Number

Default Filters

These filters are by default displayed in the position tile and cannot be removed.

  • Position Title and Code
  • Position Title
  • Code


  1. Go to Admin Center  Tools and search for Configure Object Definitions.
  2. Find the Object Definition for Position.

3. Select Take Action > Make Correction

4. Add the fields you want to use for filtering the Position Tile view to the Searchable Fields section.

  • If the DataType is string, user, date, enum or number, then add only the name of the field (e.g. positionTitle).
  • If the DataType is picklist, then add the name of field with the ".label" extension in the end, as fieldname.label (e.g. positionCriticality.label):

5. Save your changes.

6. The new filters added will be displayed under "Display Options" on Position Tile:


  • If you maintain a large number of positions, we recommend that you disable the auto-complete feature for searchable fields on the MDF position object.
  • The disable setting limits the auto-complete for position search to just position ID and title, ignoring the other searchable fields defined for the position object.

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