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A new field Disable Searchable Fields Config In Auto Complete is added to the existing Object Configuration object in the Manage Data page, which is used to store additional metadata for object definition. By default, the field value is set to No. This reflects the default behavior of MDF auto complete, which picks up all the searchable fields configuration from object definition for auto complete search. The large number of searchable fields result in performance degradation.

If there’s no instance for Object Configuration, you can create an instance for the required object.

The Object Configuration instance must be created only for a required MDF object. For example, Position object in high volume scenarios.

Once the Object Configuration instance is created, set Disable Searchable Fields Config In Auto Complete value to Yes to avoid picking up all the searchable field configuration for auto complete search. This uses minimal fields such as externalCode and externalName in the auto complete search and enhances the performance.

The following procedure is an example to show how to configure Disable Searchable Fields Config In Auto Complete for Position object to improve performance.


  1. In the Manage Data page, select Object Configuration option for Create New.
  2. Select the Object Type as Position.
  3. Select "Yes" for Disable Searchable Fields Config In Auto Complete.
  4. Click Save

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