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The Position Tile View for MDF Positions allows succession planners to manage plans for a group of positions without having to navigate an organizational hierarchy.

The Position Tile View is especially useful for planners who are responsible for managing by department or level, discrete positions that are not necessarily connected by a position hierarchy. The tile view lets planners filter a list of positions and manage the corresponding succession plans. Many customers who use SAP organizational management capabilities and identify successors at the position level, often find the position tile view to be especially useful.

Benefits of Position Tile View

  • Complements the Succession Org Chart by providing succession planners a view of a group of positions for which they are responsible
  • Advanced search and filter based on position attributes
  • Integrates with the Talent Card for insights into successors and incumbents
  • Provides a modern, consumer-grade user experience


  • MDF Positions Nomination Method (In Provisioning, under Company Settings > Nomination Method);
  • Feature "Position Tile view" enabled on Provisioning;
  • v12 user interface (Available on Admin Center > Upgrade Center);
  • Role-Based Permissions (RBP).

Granting Permission

Position Tile View only works with Position Level permissions. In case you do not have position level permissions configured in RBP, you will not see the Position Tile View being populated.

To access the Position Tile view, it is necessary to grant the users the required permissions. To grant access to the Position Tile View, follow below steps:

  1. Go to Admin Center > Manage Permission Roles;
  2. Select the desired role to assign access for Position Tile view;
  3. Click "Permissions";
  4. Under the "Succession Planners" section, enable the option "Position Tile Access";
  5. Save your changes.

The Position Tile view will now be available for users under this permission role, on the Succession tab:

Granting Position-Level Permission for Position Tile View

  1. Go to Admin Center > Manage Permission Roles
  2. Select the desired role to assign access for Position Tile view;
  3. Click "Permissions";
  4. Under "Miscellaneous Permissions".
  5. In the section, Position, select the Visibility and Actions permissions you want to grant the role. 
  6. Assign at least the View Current permission for users to see the position tiles.
  7. Other steps: Define your target populations for positions. Only positions that are in the target population of the user's role are displayed on the Position Tile view.

Adding a Position from the Position Tile View

  1. From the Position Tile view, click "+" Add Position.
  2. In the Metadata Framework (MDF) position dialog, enter the details for the position and save your changes.

Filtering Positions in Position Tile View

Add filters to the position tile view to narrow the list of positions displayed.

  1. Click Add Filters, The filter panel is displayed.
  2. Click Add to add a filter.
  3. Position Title and Code: this filter is specific to the Position Tile view and searches only the position title and code.
  4. Other Criteria: the other filters you have to choose from are based on the position attributes defined in your solution.
  5. Enter your search criteria and click Search.
  6. The system uses Boolean conditions to search for positions using your criteria. Criteria across filters join as AND conditions, while criteria within filters join as OR condition. To add more filters in Position Tile, please see KBA: 2238266 - How to Add filters in Position Tile

Printing from the Position Tile

  1. From the Position Tile view, choose one of the following:
    • For individual position: Click Print Options on the position tile. 
    • For all positions currently displayed: Click Print Options at the top of the page.
  2. Select a template and follow any further system prompts to save or open your file.

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